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iPhone 8 Vs Galaxy Note 8 Which is Better? (Durability Test)

Apple used to brag a lot when it comes to durability of their iPhones. We can’t deny the fact that Apple has the best smartphone in the world but Samsung is their best competitor who doesn’t want to get beaten and grabbed the most number of sales around the globe.
Samsung Galaxy Note8 vs iPhone 8 Durability test
Both Apple and Samsung create tough, innovative, useful and durable smartphones making them the best smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Somes days ago Apple released iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus while Samsung also introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both smartphones carry the most advanced technology but what do you think will happen when both phones dropped onto a concrete floor?

SquareTrade Inc took an iPhone 8 to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note8 for a friendly durability competition, it’s hard to find a video like this; dropping such phones is like burning your whole month savings. So, see it yourself and witness which phone is more durable.

The result is quite shocking, the phones gathered cracks of course, but it turns out iPhone 8 got a breakability score of 67 (Medium risk) while iPhone 8 plus received a breakability score of 74 (Medium High Risk).

Finally, Samsung Galaxy Note8 has the highest breakability score of 80 (High Risk) which can be considered more prone to cracks when dropped.

Upon watching the video and according to SquareTrade’s test iPhone 8 has lesser cracks with less damage so obviously, it’s a pure winner for iPhone 8.

Have you already bought any of these smartphones? If not, which phone would you like buy? Hope this article and the video helps you decide whether to proceed for iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note8.


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