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How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers out there. You can use it on your desktop and mobile devices. There is a feature for both of them where you can Bookmark a website.

It is a convenient way of storing the sites that you always use as they are just one click away. You can always import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox in case you use different browsers, and you want to have the convenience to do so.

Import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

How to import Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox

Step 1


The image you see above is our sample Bookmarks from Chrome which we will import to Firefox.

Step 2

Open your Mozilla Firefox, click on the icon on the image above, and click on Bookmarks.

Step 3

Once you click on Bookmarks, click on “Show all Bookmarks”. Then, based on the image above, click on Import and Backup. Finally, click on Import Data from Another Browser.

Step 4

You will now see a number of browser options available on your desktop. Let’s click on Chrome for now and on the next question, just click on all the boxes to import all of them aside from just Bookmarks.

Step 5

Once the process is done, you can check on your Firefox’s Bookmarks and see that they were successfully imported, as you can see on the image above. They are usually stored in a folder based on the image above.

Importing Bookmarks through an HTML

The first method can only import Bookmarks on the same computer. When you both have Chrome and Firefox on the same computer, then the first method is easy. However, what if you want to import Bookmarks from computer 1 to computer 2. Basically, computer 2 can’t import the Chrome Bookmarks from computer 1 unless we use the HTML import method.

Step 1


Once again, the image above shows the Bookmarks from the Chrome on computer 1.

Step 2


Click on the Export Bookmarks settings. It will then ask you to save the Bookmarks, so for now, let’s just call our file as ChromeBookmarks. It will be saved as an HTML file.

Step 3

What you need to do now is to upload your HTML file with the Bookmarks to a site that allows file sharing. You could save it on a USB drive and carry the file around.

Step 4

Use computer 2 now and download the HTML file with the Bookmarks into the unit, or just copy it from the USB drive.

Step 5

GoogleBookmarkFirefox09 1

Now open your Firefox, click on the same icon on the image above, and Show all Bookmarks.

Step 6

GoogleBookmarkFirefox10 1

Click on Import and Backup then, followed by clicking on Import Bookmarks from HTML. Earlier, we saved the Chrome Bookmarks as ChromeBookmarks. Click on the file or whatever name you saved it. Just wait for the process to end, and you’ll be done.

Step 7

Simply check on the Bookmarks on Firefox and see if they have been successfully imported via HTML.

In closing

You can always import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox in more ways than one. It makes things easier for you when you really love your Bookmarks.

That concludes the discussion. With just a few simple steps, you can import your Chrome Bookmarks into Firefox. We hope you found this information useful and that importing your Bookmarks will be a lot easier than before.

How did you find this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below — we enjoy hearing from our readers!


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