How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

Do you want to get rid of that bunch of pets you have in your inventory?

Perhaps you might want to consider trading them to earn some profit or getting the specific pet that you’re looking for!

Learning how to Trade in Pet Simulator X is quite easy, but just like commerce in the real world, you need the knowledge and skills to ensure that every exchange you have provides a form of value.

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So, for this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide on how to trade in Pet Simulator X.

how to trade in pet simulator x

Trading in Pet Simulator X

trading plaza

Trading is a practice where players interact with each other by exchanging pets and diamonds in Pet Simulator X.

You can initiate trade by joining Discord servers, but it has become too saturated nowadays that there’s a low chance of having someone read your message. Thankfully, the developers offered a better option with the Trading Plaza.

The Trading Plaza can be entered through a portal beside the Dominus Gate in the Shop of Spawn World. This area has a separate server from the main game and can accommodate the trading of 50 players.

However, Trading Plaza can only be unlocked if you reach the Impossible Rank and pay 1 million Diamonds.

You can find all the available machines in the Trading Plaza and trade while talking to other players via voice chat.

Steps on How To Trade in Pet Simulator X?

trading in pet simulator x

Trading is highly beneficial for those who want to acquire powerful pets that will help them gain an advantage in the game.

If you have some excess pets, you can try if someone wants them through the following process:

  • Step 1: Click the Pet icon in the bottom center of the screen to see a set of options.
  • Step 2: Find and click the icon with two arrows. This is the Trading button.
  • Step 3: A box will appear with the label “Trading!” The box contains a list of players that are looking for someone to trade with.
  • Step 4: Choose the player that you want to trade with by clicking the right arrow button.
  • Step 5: The other player will be notified of your trade request and wait for that player’s confirmation. If you didn’t receive any messages approving the request, repeat Step 3.
  • Step 6: Once another player accepts your trade request, a new box will pop up to see what you and the other player can offer. Select the pets or diamonds that you want to trade.
  • Step 7: If both of you agree to each other’s offer/s, hit the Ready button to start the trade.

Of course, you have to be wise when engaging with trades. There is a good chance that other experienced players will try to outsmart you by offering pets or diamonds that is far below the actual value of the pet you’re offering.

pet simulator x value list

To prevent lopsided trades, open a browser tab and search for a Pet Simulator X Value List. There are several sites that provide updated information about the latest value of every available pet in the game. This way, you can effectively filter and identify if a fair trade.

Another important tip is to check the status of demand for every pet that you want to offer. Obviously, it is easier to find someone willing to trade with you if you have pets in high demand.

Untradable Items in Pet Simulator X

So far, you can only trade pets and diamonds in Pet Simulator X. The game prohibits the trading of boosts, coins, and eggs.

Trade Wisely!

Before clicking Ready, be sure that you properly selected the right pets and the number of diamonds you want to offer for trading. Misclicking your offers during a trade is one of the biggest mistakes to make, as it’s likely that you won’t get your offerings back.


This time, you must now know how to trade in Pet Simulator X. Pets are the core mechanics of Pet Simulator X (the game’s name says otherwise).

With the best pets, it’s easier to progress in the game, and having a massive collection of them provides a more memorable experience.

While hatching eggs is an easy way to bolster any player’s pet collection, trading is the ideal method for those who want the rarest ones.

As long as you’ll keep yourself informed about the value of every pet you offer, you will always have a chance to win some trades.

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