How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft – Make A Feline Friend

Do you want to learn how to tame a Cat in Minecraft and have your own pet? This guide will help you in making a cute furry friend.

Minecraft is filled with all sorts of creatures and mobs, from Dragons and Zombies that are inspired by other fantasy worlds to more normal and real-life-based animals like horses and cows.

There are all kinds of animals you may find in Minecraft. In this article, we’ll be focusing on cats and how you can befriend them. They’re pretty cute and adorable, and they can offer peace and relaxation in a chaotic adventure world.

In this short read, you will learn how to tame a cat in Minecraft in simple steps.

What is a Cat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a cat is a passive animal mob that can be found in villages. Besides being unfairly cute and sophisticated, they also have some hidden skills in the game.

Cats in Minecraft have some special abilities, such as the ability to scare off phantoms and creepers. They will also chase after any nearby rodents, such as rats, and will hiss at nearby hostile mobs.

Cats are a type of feline that has a unique appearance and behavior. They come in different colors and can be tamed by the player using raw fish or raw salmon. Once tamed, they become the player’s pet and will follow and protect the player.

Once you learn how to tame a Cat in Minecraft, not only will you have an adorable pet but also a trustworthy companion that will stick with you and protect you.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

how to tame a cat in minecraft

Step 1: Find a Cat

First, of course, you need to find a Cat to tame.

Where to find a Cat in Minecraft

Cats can be found in villages. They will spawn randomly in a village and will typically be found wandering around the streets.

You may need to explore several villages before you find a cat, as they do not spawn in every village. A village with at least five beds is the minimum requirement.

Cat in Minecraft

Sometimes you can also find them around witch huts or swamp huts in swamps, usually black ones. Cats in Villages have different colors and appearances, so take your time in choosing your companion.

Step 2: Obtain Raw Cod or Raw Salmon

Now that you found a cat that captured your eyes and heart, how do you tame it? Well, you would need to feed it with Raw Cod or Salmon. These fish can be found and caught in most Ocean Biomes.

Obtain Raw Cod or Raw Salmon

You can use a Fishing Rod to fish, and you can also dive into the water to catch food for your Cat. If you don’t have a Fishing Rod yet or want to learn how to fish in Minecraft, you can check out our specially curated article for that topic.

Step 3: Feed the Cat

Once you have gathered some Fish, it’s time to go to the Cat you want to tame and feed it. Hold the food in your hand and approach the cat slowly.

Cats are quite cautious, so you have to crouch while approaching them so they won’t run away. It would also be best if you sneak up behind them. Then, right-click on the cat with the food in your hand to feed it.

Feed the Cat

You may need three or even more Raw Fish to tame the feline successfully. But all you have to do is feed it until hearts appear above the cat. Once that happens, you have finally tamed the little kitty.

The tamed cat will start following you around, and now you have a cute companion, and you’ve just learned how to tame a Cat in Minecraft.

Benefits of Having a Tamed Cat in Minecraft

Having a Tamed Cat in Minecraft

Here are the features and advantages that you’ll get by learning how to tame a Cat in Minecraft:

  1. Companionship: Once tamed, cats will follow you around and provide you with a loyal companion.
  2. Pest Control: Cats can scare away and kill certain types of creatures, including phantoms, creepers, and silverfish.
  3. Gifts: Tamed cats have a chance to bring you items, such as string, fish, and even creepers heads as gifts.
  4. Prevent Creeper Explosions: When a tamed cat is nearby, creepers will be scared away and won’t explode, which can be helpful when building or exploring.
  5. Sleeping Aid: Tamed cats can also be instructed to sit, and when they are, they can be used as a sleeping aid, preventing other hostile mobs from spawning near you while you sleep.

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That concludes how to tame a Cat in Minecraft. Overall, taming a cat in Minecraft can provide you with a helpful and loyal companion that can aid you in your adventures and provide a range of benefits.

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