Blox Fruits: How to Spawn Dough King

Learn how to spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits and beat this godly boss.

Blox Fruits is filled with all sorts of enemies. From the gorillas in the Jungle, to high-level bosses that drop legendary items. 

how to spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits

Then there’s Raid Bosses, which are some of the most difficult NPC enemies in the game.

But amongst all Raid Bosses, there stands an apex predator. A boss so powerful that no one can ever take him down by himself. So mighty that even summoning him requires a huge deal of effort and skill.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits and the necessary steps you need to take to beat him.

How to Spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits

The Dough King in Blox Fruits is considered the hardest Raid Boss to both spawn and defeat.

Beating him will also open a door that allows you to do awakened raids.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 10 Conjured Cocoa
  • God’s Chalice
  • Cake Chalice

1. Obtain Required Items

How to Spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits conjured cocoa

Conjured Cocoa is a Rare crafting material used in making a Sweet Chalice. It can be dropped by NPCs on Chocolate Island, including the Cocoa Warriors and Chocolate Bar Battlers. 

These NPCs have a 2.5%-5% chance of dropping Conjured Cocoa. So, take the corresponding quest while you’re at it for extra EXP and money. 

God’s Chalice can be obtained through various methods, but it’s a very tricky item. 

To get a God’s Chalice, you can try praying at the Gravestone, but the chances are way too slim. You can also obtain it from any chest, but this only happens once every 4 hours in an entire server. 

gods chalice blox fruits

The most reliable way to grind for a God’s Chalice is to defeat Elite Pirates. Go to the Castle on the Sea and talk to the Elite Pirate. He will tell you the location of these pirates and whether they have been beaten already. 

There are currently three Elite Pirates, including Deandre, Diablo, and Urban. After beating them, there’s a 2% chance they would drop a God’s Chalice.

Important: God’s Chalice cannot be stored in your Inventory and it will disappear if you die or leave the game. BE EXTRA CAREFUL.

I don’t want you to experience how devastating it was to lose a God’s Chalice after I was killed by a bounty hunter. That’s why we recommend doing this on a private server if possible.

After getting 10 Conjured Cocoas and a God’s Chalice, go to Chocolate Land behind the Door of Time and talk to the Sweet Crafter to exchange these items for a Cake’s Chalice. 

2. Kill 500 Enemies on Cake Island

cake island blox fruits

After obtaining the Cake’s Chalice, go to drip_mama. She will tell you that you need to kill 500 enemies before the portal opens. 

I suggest you equip Buddha Fruit so you can kill enemies easily. At max level with Buddha Fruit, you can finish off 500 enemies in around 40 minutes.

But if it’s not available, it’s still doable with other fruits. It will just take you more time. Don’t forget to turn on Aura and Instinct as it will significantly decrease your grinding time. 

You can talk to drip_mama anytime to check how many enemies you still need to defeat.

I finished this part exponentially more quickly because I did the 500 kills with friends.

Note that drip_mama also counts the kills from other players, not just from you.

3. Summon the Dough King

summoning the dough king in blox fruits

Make sure you follow this part thoroughly if you don’t want your efforts to be wasted. After beating 500 enemies, the requirement to summon the Dough King has been met and you can now talk to drip_mama to spawn him.

Only a player holding the Cake’s Chalice should be the one to interact with drip_mama to summon the Dough King. Otherwise, only the Cake Prince will spawn.

However, trolls or hackers might get to drip_mama first and spawn the prince instead. That’s why I recommend you do this on a private server with friends if possible.

How to Beat the Dough King in Blox Fruits

dough king blox fruits

The Dough King is a Lv. 2300 Raid Boss with the Awakened version of the Dough. He has literally over a million HP! Plus he DESPAWNS after 7.5 minutes. 

So, trust me when I say that no one can solo this guy. That’s why you need to rally a team to stand a chance. 

It shouldn’t be that hard since players also want his drops and his spawn is such a rare occurrence that they would jump in the fray right away.

If you want the best chances, you need to face him with Awakened Buddhas. Buddha users dominate in raids thanks to their insane health and continuous damage output. 

They can tank the boss’s combos and control his movements while other fruit users charge up their abilities. Or you can go with full Buddha raids like me and my friends.

What Does Dough King Drop?

dough king drop items

The Dough King is the toughest Raid Boss to beat. But he’s also the most rewarding. First off, you will gain 6 levels no matter what level you are. Then you will receive 90,000 Beli with 2000 Fragments. You will also increase your Bounty/Honor by 57,500.

The Dough King can also drop some items including a Pale Scarf, Spiked Trident, Mirror Fractal, and Red Key. These are all very valuable drops, especially the Red Key since it unlocks a door to the Cake Scientist where you can do special awakened raids. 

However, getting some of them is not guaranteed.

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Now you know how to spawn Dough King in Blox Fruits and the best way to beat him. 

It won’t be an easy task. But with determination, the help of trusted Blox Fruits buddies, and the tips you learned here, you are now equipped to take on the biggest Raid Boss in the game. 

Did you find this article useful? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, consider reading more of our Roblox Blox Fruits articles here on GameGrinds.

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