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How to Screen Record on Chromebook

Screen recording used to be impossible with the Chromebook or Chrome OS. Fortunately, this was quickly remedied so that you now have several options. Here are some of the ways on how to screen record on Chromebook / Chrome OS. Read on.

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Best Screen Recording Extensions for Chromebook

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Start by opening your Google Chrome Browser and go to the Chrome Store. Find the Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder. This is an extension that offers direct access through the “N” icon on the top left corner. Click the extension icon and choose the Record Video option.

Adjust settings according to your needs like record mic sound, record tab sound, etc. You can set the countdown timer to help you determine proper timing for screen recording.

The video settings allow you to adjust quality with Nimbus allowing as much as 4K in quality. Click the Start Record button. Now, there are two options available: the Entire Screen Recording and the Application Window Recording. The Entire Screen records everything on the desktop regardless of the app you open. Application Window records only the app you want.


Screencastify is available in both free and paid versions. The icon upon download shows up at the top corner in a film strip image. Like Nimbus, you can choose between screen casting what is inside the tab or the full desktop mode. There is also a choice of screen resolution, audio recording, and Embed webcam, which allows you to record yourself at the same time as the desktop video.


Another 3rd party app is called Loom and is completely for free. You can record for up to one hour with this app – making it by far the most generous when it comes to recording time. You will download it from the Chrome Store and use your Google Account to sign it. It has the same two options as the others, allowing you to either record the tab or the whole desktop.

Adjust the settings and hit Record. You can use the left-hand corner buttons to pause the recording, edit the video with the scissors option, and publish.


Finally, you have this app which is new to Chromebooks. They are often found in Mac or PC, so if you have used them before, the whole interface would not be hard to learn. It allows you to record up to 15 minutes only, so it is often better for quick tutorials. After recording, you can save directly to YouTube or Drive.

Note that these 3rd party apps have no editing features. You can cut or trim the video, but that is as far as it goes. Hence, you will still need to use another app for video editing before you are ready to share it.


See, screen recording through the use of your Chromebook / Chrome OS is very possible. With the above-mentioned third-party apps, you can now record your screen for your tutorial videos. So, what are your thoughts about this post? Sound off in the comments section below.


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