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How to Pay Bills in The Sims 4 (3 Easy Ways)

Be a responsible citizen and learn how to pay bills in Sims 4 with our easy-to-understand guide. 

Is it that time of the month again? Yeah, we all can relate. Nobody really likes to pay bills. But it is one of the heavy responsibilities of real life that we cannot escape. 

how to pay bills in The Sims 4

You will have to pay bills if you want to keep your access to certain services and commodities. The same is true for our favorite Sims.

Utilities like electricity and the household water supply come with notifications encouraging players to pay or lose access to them.

If you don’t pay up, your Sim might get bored quickly or, in extreme cases, lose their life. Nobody wants that to happen, so you better your Sims bills.

There are different ways you can do this. Some are faster than other methods.

How to Pay Bills in The Sims 4

Of course, the prerequisite for bill payment in Sims 4 is having the cash to do it. The Sim would have to look for a source of income to pay their bills.

Once that’s done, you can try out these bill payment methods in the base game and see which works more conveniently for you:

1. Mail Box

how to pay bills in Sims 4 - Mail Box
Credits: Reddit

This is the most common way that players pay for their Sims bills, especially in the early game.

Upon moving to a new building, you’ll notice that there will be a mailbox or letterbox. Bills can come through these, and though it’s quite unrealistic, you can use the mailbox to pay your bills.

Have a Sim interact with their mailbox, and if a bill is included, a notification will pop up containing the amount of money that you need to keep the utilities running.

If a minor child is chosen to interact with the mailbox, they would have to talk to the adults and let them pay the bills. 

2. Cell Phone

Pay Bills in The Sims 4 - Cell Phone
Credits: Pro Game Guide

Yes. the most convenient gadget in real life can be used to pay bills in Sims 4. Upon creating a new world, your playable Sim will have a phone by default.

This gives them access to countless beneficial features like making calls, taking photos, changing traits, and more. 

Your Sim can also use their phone to pay the bills anytime, anywhere. Simply go to the Home tab and select Pay Bills.

If enough Simoleons are in your Sim’s bank account, the unpaid bills will be cleared.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to pay bills on Sims 4.

3. Computer

how to pay bills in Sims 4 - Computer
Credits: Most Valued Noob

A Computer basically works like a cell phone in terms of bill payment. The only downside is you would have to purchase it if it is not available in your home.

A computer can also give you access to lots of useful things like reading and writing.

Computers are present even in previous games, and they can be used to look for jobs and satisfy the fun motive of playing video games. 

To pay bills using a computer, simply have your Sim interact with it and choose the Pay Bills option. This option is available for the base game.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Bills in Sims 4?

Not paying your Bills will cause bad events for your Sims. After 24 hours of failing to pay your bills, your electricity will be cut off, and after 48 hours, running water will not be available.

If you’ve played Sims for a long time, including the previous games, you’ll know that after some time of not paying bills, a repo man will come to recollect your things at home. This was also added to Sims 4 on patch 95.

If you still fail to pay bills after a long time, it could lead to more severe consequences, such as the landlord refusing to do repairs on your Sim’s property and harming your Sim’s overall life and well-being.


Now that you know how to pay bills in Sims 4 you can keep the lights on and the water running.

Make sure you pay bills on time so that your Sims can enjoy the best quality of life and be free from stress.

You can take advantage of these quick and easy ways to pay bills and save time for you and your Sim.

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