How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 2023 [Complete Guide]

Are you a creative builder and want to learn how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft? You’ll find everything you need in this article.

Minecraft allows its players to build anything by gathering and creating their own resources and materials. You can even build a house from just dirt and mud. But that wouldn’t really be aesthetically pleasing, right?

You would need something better, like Smooth Stone, which is perhaps one of the most practical building materials in Minecraft. This article will guide you through the entire process of how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

What is Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth Stone is a block in Minecraft that is created by smelting Stone in a furnace. It has a gray color and a smooth texture, which makes it a popular choice as a building block and decoration. It can be used as a decorative block in walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as for creating patterns and designs.

Smooth Stone is also a component in various crafting recipes, such as Smooth Stone Slabs, Stone Bricks, and Blast Furnaces.

Its raw material can be mined with any pickaxe, and when broken, it drops itself. Overall, Smooth Stone is a versatile block that can be used in many different ways in Minecraft. That’s why you should be learning how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

1. Gather the materials

Smooth Stone can’t be mined naturally in Minecraft. In order to make Smooth Stone, you need these materials:

  • Stone
  • Furnace
  • Any Type of Fuel
Smooth stone materials

So basically, you have to smelt the Stone in a Furnace to produce Smooth Stone. You can mine Stone almost anywhere using a pickaxe.

But you’ll end up having Cobblestone at first, and you’ll need to smelt it to turn it into Stone. You’ll be smelting materials twice, so the Furnace serves a large part in this craft.

2. Make a Furnace

Make a Furnace

If you already have a Furnace, you can skip this step. Making one is fairly simple; you’ll only need eight Cobblestone blocks in the recipe for a regular Furnace.

Arrange them in a square shape on a crafting table, leaving the center block empty. Place the furnace block in your inventory and then right-click on the ground to place it.

3. Smelt the Cobblestones

Now that you have a Furnace, smelt the Cobblestones to turn them into Stone.  Start by placing the Cobblestone on the top slot of the Furnace and adding any kind of fuel sources such as coal, charcoal, and wood on the bottom slot.

Wait for the furnace to finish smelting. You will see the Cobblestone disappear, and a Stone block will appear in the result slot. Now drag the Stone to your Inventory.

4. Smelt the Stone Again

Smelt the Stone Again

For the next part of the smelting process, we’ll be smelting the Stones. Simply repeat the previous step, but this time with the Stone.

Once you’re done smelting, the Stones will have a more refined texture, and you’ll finally have Smooth Stone.

Uses of Smooth Stone

Now that you know how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft, here are its awesome uses:

Uses of Smooth Stone
  • Building Block: Smooth Stone is a basic block in Minecraft, but it has a high resistance to heat and explosion. It also looks more neat and uniform than other common blocks. This makes it a great building material for houses or other structures.
  • Crafting Material: There are tons of crafting recipes that require Smooth Stone as a material. Some of them include Stone Slabs, Stone Bricks, and Blast Furnaces. You can upgrade your Regular Furnace using Smooth Stone and Iron Ingots.
  • Decoration: It can be used for walls, floors, and ceilings and can also be combined with other blocks for various decorative patterns.


And that’s how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft. With this knowledge equipped, your Minecraft journey will be way “smoother”.

Smooth Stone is a pretty versatile block. Whether you want something reliable and sturdy or something to refine the looks of your buildings, this solid block is a staple.

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