How To Make A Flying Machine In Minecraft 2023 (Beginner’s Guide)

If you want to learn how to make a Flying Machine in Minecraft, then this article is for you.

Minecraft has such vast worlds with unlimited room for exploration and building. You can create working mechanisms that will allow you to travel faster, easier, or in style. One of them is the Flying Machine.

In this article, we’ll go over what a Flying Machine is, how you can use it, and the benefits you can get from it.  Of course, we’ll also be teaching you how to make a Flying Machine in Minecraft in a simple and step-by-step guide.

What is a Flying Machine in Minecraft

A Flying Machine is a buildable and working mechanism in Minecraft. You’ve probably seen this in Story mode with its different forms. A Flying Machine is made out of Pistons, Observers, and other blocks, and it can move through water or air without support.

You can also make Flying Machines that can carry a player or other objects. It works by using the slime blocks’ ability to move adjacent blocks when pushed or pulled by pistons.

There are many different designs for flying machines in Minecraft, but they all typically involve a series of pistons and slime blocks arranged in a specific pattern. When activated, the pistons push or pull the slime blocks, which then move the entire platform forward or backward.

Flying machines can be useful for transportation. However, they require careful planning and construction to work properly and can be quite complex to build.

But don’t worry because we got you, and we’ll be teaching you how to make a Flying Machine in Minecraft.

How to Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

How to Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft

Step 1: Gather the materials

A Flying Machine is quite a complex mechanism. To make it, you would need the following items:

  • 1 Sticky Piston
  • 1 Piston
  • 4 Slime Blocks
  • 2 Observer Blocks
  • 20-64 of any building block (Cobblestone, Earth, etc.)

Step 2: Make a Base or Platform for your Flying Machine

To start building the flying machine, you will first need to create the platform on which it will be placed. You can use any type of building block. The platform will determine the height or altitude of your Flying Machine. 

So make sure you consider the possible obstacles and obstructions so your Flying Machine won’t crash into them. So higher is generally better for your platform.

Step 3: Place the Observer

The Observer should be placed facing the opposite direction of where you want your Flying Machine to go. Or you can look at the red button thingy and make sure it faces the direction you want to fly to.

An Observer Block functions like an activation mechanism as it activates other blocks near it when it ‘observes’ changes in front of it.

So, put an Observer Block next to the topmost block of your platform. Once you have placed it correctly, you can break the topmost block of your platform, and it should look like this with a Piston.

Place the Observer

Step 4: Place Piston and Slime Blocks

Place a Normal Piston facing the direction you want to head towards. Then, put 2 Slime Blocks in front of it.

Add 2 more Slime Blocks and place them on the side of your Normal Piston and Observer, diagonal to the first two slime blocks.

Step 5: Add a Sticky Piston and another Observer

The second Observer should be placed in front of your Flying Machine, and its face should be heading toward your flight direction. Behind it, you’ll place a Sticky Piston facing the back side of your Flying Machine.

The first Observer and Normal Piston will push your Flying Machine. The second Observer and Sticky Piston will pull it and will move your Flying Machine. 

Add Sticky Piston and Observer

Step 6: Add a Trap Door

Now to make your Flying Machine start working or flying, simply put a Trap Door above the top block of your Platform, and the Flying Machine should start moving. 

Congratulations! You have just made a primitive Flying Machine in Minecraft. You can upgrade this structure by making it bigger or adding more features as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add a Trap Door

How to stop a Flying Machine?

You can stop a Flying Machine by making it bump into an immovable block. You can do this by building another platform made out of Obsidian or Bedrock to obstruct the path of your Flying Machine’s flight.

What can I use instead of Slime Blocks?

Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks have the same properties of sticking to the blocks around them. So you can definitely use Honey Blocks for your Flying Machine.

There are some differences, however, like being unable to jump off Honey Blocks and being unable to carry Redstone signal. 

How many blocks can a Flying Machine move?

The Engine made out of Pistons and Observers controls the machine and gives it the power to drag and push adjacent blocks. However, each Piston is limited to moving 12 blocks.

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Are you ready to fly? Now that you know how to make a Flying Machine in Minecraft, traveling and transporting have never been more fun.

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