How to get unbanned from Roblox

Did you get banned for inappropriate behavior while playing Roblox? Trying to learn how to get unbanned from Roblox? Well, the good news is that you’re not the first person to ever wonder about getting unbanned. The bad news, not everyone can be successful when hit with a ban hammer.

If you are quite unsure as to why you got banned in the first place, we have provided a detailed guide on what brings people banned and what happens when you get banned, as well as what you can do to get unbanned. Be sure to read more down below.

What gets you banned in Roblox?

There are plenty of reasons for Roblox users to get banned. However, some bans are temporary, while others are forever. To truly understand how to get unbanned from Roblox, you need to learn about moderation action and intervention. These are very common in the world of Roblox, as the majority of its user base is comprised of children. 

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Apart from using a real email address, users are also obliged to agree to the terms of the service box. The moderation message is a way to communicate to users with regards to the violation that was committed. Here’s a baseline of what can get you banned.

Guiding Principles 

Basically, be a friendly, patient, and welcoming gamer to the community around you. Avoid using hurtful words and understand that we have different points of view. Respect begets respect. 

Sharing/Asking for Personal Information 

Protect your personal information and never divulge other users’ personal information. While there are already chat filters, the game administrators and game moderators discourage giving out your email addresses or another person’s actual email address. This also goes to full names, passwords, home or other physical addresses, telephone numbers, credit card info, social security, etc…

Cyberbullying and harassment 

They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment and cyberbullying. Actions like stalking, bullying, online abuse, and humiliation, as well as usage of profanity, even when using general foul language, are all bannable offenses. 

Child Endangerment 

We all know kids are gullible beings, and if your account has been proven to participate in anything that sexualizes children or anything that has predatory vibes can be used against you and in the court of law. In other words, don’t even dare.

Discriminatory Speech or Actions 

This is what we would consider the standard for most online games we see today. These involve talking about sexual orientation, physical characteristics, race, political beliefs, religion, mental or physical disability and/or disease, etc…

Character Impersonation and Defamation

This is basically self-explanatory. If you pretend to be someone else regardless of your intent, if you get caught, say goodbye to your account. These include using a name or username, or a username’s email address, its digital representation, and more.

Threats and Self-Harm

 Pretending to hurt someone even in the form of a joke can be quite hard to understand if we’re solely basing it on text. The game development platform played it safe and banned disrespectful players depending on the severity of their message(s).

Using Roblox Corp as a Dating Platform

 If you’re out there to look for the right one, then we have bad news for you: look elsewhere. Kids play Roblox, and you know it’s never okay to date underaged players, right? While Roblox is a social game, it’s not meant for dating. Would the game platform know if you are trying to date someone? Nope, but if you get caught, you know the drill…

Sexual Content

Anything lewd or inappropriate for the general audience is considered a bannable offense. These include making your Roblox character seem naked or vulgar. Remember, keep it child-friendly. Sexual harassment and sexual bullying are grounds for account deletion.

Using jokes and inappropriate content related to current events that are considered to be overly violent and tragic

If you think it’s appropriate to make puns or jokes about an infamous incident that is highly controversial, then get ready to have your account banned. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Learning how to get unbanned from Roblox if you’re in this situation is pretty difficult.

Consequences and Violations 

  • Minor violations will result in a warning of a temporary ban. Serious violations would result in a permanent ban. The severity of the violation is at the discretion of the admins and the moderation message given to you, regardless of gaming or non-gaming account.
  • Roblox is a platform for children, so if any of your violations have anything to do with child endangerment or something similar to that extent, expect your account to be banned and for authorities to get in touch with you.
  • The account owner is responsible for any violations committed on your account regardless of who is using it. Be sure to only let your account be used by people you trust.
  • If you feel like the violation you have committed is unjust, you can leave Roblox email support a message regarding your situation. You can contact Roblox support here.

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How to get unbanned from Roblox

how to get unbanned from roblox appeal

When you’re trying to learn how to get unbanned from Roblox, what you need to learn is the severity of each penalty, as well as understanding the different moderation messages applied by the game developers. An article detailing the moderation messages can be found here. It talks about each possible violation you can get and the sanction imposed for it.

Here’s a little summary of what to expect:

Warning Moderation Message

When users commit a minor violation of the Community Rules or Terms of Use (ToU), they usually get a warning, but still, have access to Roblox itself. If you need to learn how to get unbanned from Roblox, you first need to know your penalty’s severity.

1-Day Ban

1-Day bans are considered to be a minor to moderate offense. These can be inappropriate behavior messages, harassment or discriminatory messages, scamming messages, or image content messages. If slapped with a 1-day ban, users are blocked from accessing the game for 24 hours. Contacting Roblox Appeals is unnecessary for these types of violations.

3-Day Ban

3-Day bans are on a more serious side of the offense. These can be inappropriate behavior messages, harassment or discriminatory messages, scamming messages, or image content messages. If slapped with a 3-day ban, users are blocked from accessing the game for 72 hours. Contacting Roblox Appeals is unnecessary for these types of violations.

7-Day Ban

7-Day bans are more on the serious side of the offense. These can be inappropriate behavior messages, harassment or discriminatory messages, scamming messages, real-life concern messages, or image content messages. If slapped with a 7-day ban, users are blocked from accessing the game for 168 hours. Contacting Roblox Appeals is unnecessary for these types of violations.


Account deletions are given to users who have committed very serious offenses in-game or are repeat offenders. Once you have been slapped with account deletion, users are given the opportunity to explain their side with Roblox Appeals. Word of caution, if you are given the punishment of account deletion, it usually means they have enough evidence to support their decision.

When to contact Roblox Appeals 

If you feel like the ban you have received is not appropriate for your situation, or if you feel like you have been falsely accused by the Roblox moderation team, then we highly recommend getting in touch with Roblox support to appeal your case. The moderation team would ask for additional data and files from you, so be prepared for that.

You will get notified by Roblox Appeals if your request for reconsideration will be approved or not. If you believe that the accusation given to you was false, it’s your responsibility to sway their opinion by providing compelling evidence. Good luck!

How to Appeal your Account Moderation

To learn how to get unbanned from Roblox, you would need to file an appeal for account moderation; then, you need to have the following information ready:

  • Account username
  • A brief statement regarding the incident
  • The appeal must be submitted within 30 days after the incident
  • Once the moderation team has reviewed your case, you cannot file a new case regardless of the status of the previous one.
  • Be sure to use a valid email address when contacting the Appeals team.


Now that we have a general idea of what makes people lose access to Roblox, we hope that you have learned well enough what NOT to do when it comes to interacting with the online community. 

So, what kind of violation got you banned from Roblox? Were you able to figure out how to get unbanned from Roblox with a different method we have listed above? Please share your story in the comments section, and we’ll feature your story in our future posts!

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