How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

Wield three swords like Zoro in One Piece by learning how to get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits!

The True Triple Katana is a mythical sword in Blox Fruits that every player desires. It’s a powerful weapon that deals massive amounts of damage and offers great range.

How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

Its large hitboxes make it easier to land attacks and its spammable M1s are perfect for raids.

The only downside of this sword is how difficult it is to obtain. But worry not because in this guide, I will show you how I got my True Triple Katana and the fastest method you can copy to get your hands on this lethal weapon.

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How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

To obtain the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits, you need to buy its three component swords from the Legendary Sword Dealer in the Second Sea.

You also need to have 300 Mastery on all three swords. After that, go to the highest stalk in the Green Zone and purchase the True Triple Katana from the Mysterious Man.

The process may sound simple, but it’s actually very complex. Here is a more detailed and step-by-step tutorial on how you can get the True Triple Katana faster:

Step 1: Talk to the Manager

How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits - talk to the manager

The Legendary Sword Dealer is one of the hardest NPCs to find in the Second Sea as he only spawns for a short period and takes 3 hours to respawn.

You can’t leave it all to luck and expect to run into him.

Luckily, we have a person who can guide us. Now you might be wondering what the Manager NPC in the Cafe does. He is the one who can give you clues about when the Legendary Sword Dealer spawns on your server. So start by talking to him.

His answers will tell you how long it will take before the sword dealer spawns.

If he asks you “Are you new to this island?” then that means you need to finish the Bartilo quest first.

“It’s still too early for you to be here.” This means that you just entered the server and need to wait 10 minutes before he gives you clues.

“Some pirates said they ran into him on a nearby island last week. Check back later and I’ll let you know what I hear.”  3 hours left before the Sword Dealer spawns. This is when you should join another server.

“A man in here earlier claimed to see his ship nearby today. Check back with me later.” 1 hour and 15 minutes before the dealer spawns. If he starts saying this, it can be a good time to wait around the cafe till he changes his dialougue. 

“I think he should be getting here soon, it’s all anyone in here has been talking about.” 15 minutes till the dealer spawns.

“Hey! I just saw him! He told me he would be in the area for 15 minutes. Good luck!” The dealer has now spawned in your server. You now have 15 minutes to find the dealer before he despawns.

“Meh, he left not too long ago.”  The dealer has despawned and you need to wait for more than 3 hours.

Step 2: Locate the Legendary Sword Dealer

How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits - locate legendary sword dealer

Now that he has spawned, where do you start looking?

Here are the spawn locations of the Legendary Sword Dealer and the most efficient rotation to find him as fast as possible:

1. First, set your spawn point in the Kingdom of Rose Docks. Then check around the grassy rock plateau near Jeremy and the factory first. 

2. Go Inside the northeast arches of the Colosseum. After that, go to the secret tunnel under the Kingdom of Rose. Check directly in the center, on the left-hand side of a rock.

3. Go to the center of Greenzone and check one of the leaves that is attached to the largest beanstalk. Sometimes he also spawns behind the 3-rock formation close to Fajita.

4. Head over to the top of the central pillar at the Graveyard. Lastly, teleport to Home Point and check Usopp’s Island and the house in the center.

Remember to check all these locations while waiting for the Manager to give you clues as the dealer might have spawned already.

Step 3: Purchase Swords

Once you find the Legendary Sword Dealer, talk to him and he will offer to sell you one of the three swords, Wando, Saddi. and Shisui. 

Each sword costs 2 million Belis and you can only buy what the dealer currently offers. Which means you might need to find him more than three times.

Also, he despawns as soon as a player purchases a sword from him.

So, make sure you have enough money and don’t buy duplicate swords. Repeat everything until you get all three swords.

Step 4: Acquire Mastery on All Three Swords

How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits - mastery

The next step to forging these three swords into the True Triple Katana is reaching 300 Mastery on all of them.

You can do this easily by server-hopping bosses. But first, make sure you reset your stats and add most of your points to Sword for easy grinding. 

You have lots of options for farming mastery for your three swords. You can server hop for the Awakened Ice Admiral, the Longma, Cake Queen, Island Empress, or Captain Elephant. 

I just farm levels with these swords to hit two birds with one stone.

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Step 5: Talk to the Mysterious Man

How to Get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits - mysterious man

Now that you have the requirements, you can finally purchase the True Triple Katana from the Mysterious Man. He is located at the top of the highest beanstalk in the Green Zone.

He will sell you the True Triple Katana for 2 Million Belis. That’s a grand total of 8 million Belis for the Mythical Sword.

Once you equip this sword, you will gain the title of “The Hurricane” and “Demon Eye.” I recommend you go to the Blacksmith and enhance this sword for that added 15% extra damage.

True Triple Katana Blox Fruit FAQs

How much does True Triple Katana cost in Blox Fruits?

Each of the three swords it consists of costs 2 million Beli. Plus the price of purchasing the TTK from the Mysterious Man, which is another 2 million. This leaves us a total of 8 Million Beli.

Is True Triple Katana worth it?

Yes. It’s a mythical sword with insane reach and damage and spammable M1s perfect for grinding and raids. It also goes pretty well with Buddha fruit.

What rarity is the Triple Katana in Blox Fruits?

The True Triple Katana is a Mythical Sword in Blox Fruits. This means it’s one of the rarest swords in the game.


Now you know how to get True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits. Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer multiple times won’t be easy, but it will all be worth it once you get your hands (and mouth) on the TTK.

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