How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits – A Step-by-Step Guide

Obtain the supreme fighting style that leeches the life out of your enemies! Learn how to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits with our complete guide.

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game inspired by One Piece, where you can get different powers and abilities from the manga and anime, such as devil fruit powers, legendary swords, and powerful fighting styles.

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

But one fighting style stands at the apex of them all: the Sanguine Art. Its high damage output, great combo potential, easy-to-hit moves, and insane life leech make it a great style to use for PvP.

Many high-level Blox Fruit players covet this fighting style. To teach you the way of the vampire, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get Sanguine Arts in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

You can obtain Sanguine Art from Shafi, an NPC located at the Tiki Outpost.

To acquire it, you will need 20 Demonic Wisps, 20 Vampire Fangs, 2 Dark Fragments, and a Leviathan Heart. Then you would have to pay 5,000,000 Beli and 5000 Fragments to learn this fighting style.

Step 1: Preparation

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits - preparation
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The journey of getting Sanguine Art is far from easy, and that’s why preparation is a must.

First, you need to bribe the Spy NPC in the Third Sea to summon the Leviathan. You would need to spend a total of 6000 Fragments before the Leviathan can spawn.

After the Spy tells you that the Leviathan has appeared, you need to rally a strong team. The Leviathan is one of the strongest bosses in the game and you would need a solid crew to help you slay it.

Your sea exploration group should have 5 other players, or the Leviathan won’t spawn.

Next, your team would need a Beast Hunter. It is a legendary boat that you will use to carry the Leviathan’s heart after defeating it.

I also recommend equipping Shark Race in this quest, so you won’t take damage from falling into the sea.

Step 2: Kill the Leviathan

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits - leviathan

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to find this sea beast. The Leviathan spawns in the Frozen Dimension at Danger Level 6.

You better skip all other sea events along the way to conserve your energy. Be careful of Terrorsharks though, as they can push you off your boat.

Once the boss spawns, it is time for some hardcore action. The Leviathan has 4 segments, including its head.

To defeat it, you must destroy its fragments first, saving the head for last. The best fruits for killing it are Magma and Buddha as they can deal massive damage to the Leviathan.

Be careful of the Leviathan’s damaging moves and long stuns. It has a million HP, so it will take a lot of skill and focus to slay it.

Step 3: Obtain Leviathan Heart

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits - leviathan heart

After the intense battle against the Leviathan, it’s time to get its heart. This is why you need a Beast Slayer Legendary ship specifically.

Someone on your team needs to use the boat’s harpoon and hit the Leviathan’s heart. Do this quickly because the Leviathan Heart can melt if you are slow.

After that, you need to take the giant thing to the Tiki Outpost. Upon reaching your destination, the giant heart will fall down and you will get a Leviathan Heart. 

Step 4: Talk to Shafi

How to Get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits - shafi

Buy the Sanguine Art from Shafi in the Tiki Outpost. He is in a small base linked by a tunnel near the Island Boys.

Talk to Shafi with a Levithan Heart in your inventory and he will ask you for the following for Sanguine Art:

  • 20 Demonic Wisps
  • 20 Vampire Fangs
  • 2 Dark Fragments

If you have completed those, he will ask you for a final payment of 5,000,000 Beli and 5000 Fragments to learn Sanguine Art.

Pay up and you will finally get the fighting style.

Sanguine Art Showcase

Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits: FAQs

How hard is it to get Sanguine Art?

Sanguine Art is extremely hard to get. First, you need rare and mythical materials for it. Then it costs 5 million Beli and 5000 Fragments, which is fairly expensive.

And lastly, you need to slay the Leviathan Boss for its heart. You would need to rally a very strong team and have a Beast Hunter boat available. It is definitely one of the hardest to obtain fighting styles.

How long does it take to get Sanguine Art?

This is no easy task since you need to travel huge distances and encounter tough opponents.

In best-case scenarios, you can get this within 2 hours if you are at max level. But it can take much longer than that depending on your skills, exploration team, and acquired materials.

Where to get Demonic Wisps, Vampire Fangs, and Dark Fragments?

20 Demonic Wips can be obtained from Demonic Souls (Level 2025 NPCs located inside the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea).

Vampire Fangs can be dropped by Level 975 Vampires found in the Graveyard in the Second Sea.

Lastly, Dark Fragments are dropped by the Raid Boss Dark Beard (also in the Second Sea).


Now you know how to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruit. You can now learn the most feared fighting style in the entire game and become a top-tier player.

Sanguine Art is known for its insane damage and combo potential. Not only that, you can also damage Sea Beasts with all of its moves and break Instinct at the same time.

With its life leech and range, melee enemies won’t stand a chance against you.

If you want to see more guides for Blox Fruits or are into other Roblox video games as well, you can check out articles from our Roblox section.

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