How to Get Rich in Adopt Me – Step by Step Guide

Let’s say you’re enjoying your time taking care of your baby (or being a baby), and suddenly, you come across this player with a cute-looking pet.

You tried learning more about that pet, and you realized that you badly need one. The problem is it is a legendary pet that you, as a beginner or casual player, can’t simply afford because of one obvious reason:

You don’t have enough money.

You need to know how to get rich in Adopt Me. Fortunately, there are some ways to help you earn more money and eventually become rich in Adopt Me.

This article will show you how.

How to Get Rich in Adopt Me

Know How to Get Rich in Adopt Me and Becoming One of the Wealthiest

Adopt me is a popular Roblox game developed by Uplift Games. It offers a choice for its players to do different things, such as roleplaying between a parent and a baby, customizing a house, and taking care of pets.

Many features in the game are obtainable in exchange for currencies. These are the in-game money called bucks and Robux – the common currency used by Roblox players that can be purchased using real money.

However, we’ll focus more on accumulating bucks, so you don’t have to spend anything other than your time and commitment to playing the game.

Completing Daily Tasks

Completing Daily Tasks in Adopt Me

Every time you log in every day, you will be greeted by a fresh list of daily tasks with daily rewards found on the task board. Completing each task can reward you with 25 bucks or more.

While 25 bucks are not that much, completing daily tasks is one of the most straightforward ways of gaining money, especially if you play Adopt Me on a regular basis. Over time, you’ll end up with lots of bucks if you do it consistently.

Some tips for maximizing your profits from the task board are to try playing as a baby, replenishing the supplies in your house (in case you received feeding and water task), and completing the orange tasks before the others.

Note that the orange tasks contain the most valuable rewards on the task board.

Using an Alt-Account

Using an Alt-Account in Adopt Me

As of now, it is safe to use alt-accounts in Roblox games like Adopt me. Having a secondary account can help you earn twice in completing daily tasks.

All you have to do is, once you have cleared all of the daily tasks on your alt-account, transfer all the rewards to your main account through a lemonade stand.

Using the Gumball Machine for Buying Eggs

Gumball Machine for Buying Eggs in Adopt Me

You can earn some money by investing in eggs as well. Go to the Gumball Machine, and you’ll see that the odds of scoring a Legendary or an Ultra-Rare egg are quite worth the gamble (pun intended).

With enough luck, you might end up hatching a highly sought-after legendary pet, which you can exchange for a high amount of cash.

Planting The Money Tree

Planting The Money Tree in Adopt Me

For a cost of 1,450 bucks, you can add a house decoration called the Money Tree. This decoration can produce a total of 100 bucks per day, which makes it an ideal way to produce passive income in the game.

Take note that planting more than one Money Tree won’t give you more bucks, as the 100-bucks limit is still in effect regardless of the number of Money Trees you have.

Becoming Thrifty In-Game

Becoming Thrifty In-Game in Adopt Me

In the real world, one common trait among the richest individuals is that they don’t spend much money on anything that doesn’t give them value in the long run. The same can be applied when trying to get rich in Adopt Me.

It is easy to be enamored by almost anything that costs you some bucks, but be sure that you actually need them before making a purchase.

Additionally, if there are any ways that you can acquire them without spending bucks, then always go for that option instead.


Trading in Adopt me

Before entering an Adopt Me training server, you must know the worth of the pets that you’re going to offer first. You can use this site to determine if an offer you receive is a fair trade.

This method is especially helpful not only for gaining some extra cash but also when you’re looking for a high-value pet that you need to add to your collection.

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Grinding Bucks in Adopt Me

Congratulations, since you now know how to get rich in Adopt Me, you are a few steps away from becoming wealthy in the game. Now, all you have to do is take action.

All of the ways we mentioned above aren’t one-time methods that will significantly make you rich in one night.

Similar to other in-game commodities, amassing wealth takes time and patience, and with enough consistency, you’ll eventually be able to buy almost everything you want, from toys, food, vehicles, and eggs.

But of course, be mindful of all your expenses, as it would hinder the growth of your savings. Always remember to spend your bucks wisely at all times.

Thanks for reading our guide on how to get rich in Adopt Me!

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