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How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me

Do you enjoy creating your own family in Adopt Me? But what about learning how to get free pets in Adopt Me?

There is another exciting thing that you might want to try in this game – adopting and collecting various pets!

Since April 2020, Adopt Me has been widely considered one of the top most popular games on the Roblox platform. The game’s success can be attributed to the Pets update, an additional feature that allows players to take care of pets from different rarities.

If you are looking for ways to get free pets in Adopt Me, you may use this article as a guide for you.

How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me

Learn How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me – Easy Ways

Some types of pets can be purchased with Robux, but there are others that you can acquire without spending a dime through the following methods:

Log in Once a Day for Star Rewards


If you develop a habit of logging in to the game daily, you will be rewarded with bonus stars and surprise gifts. With enough stars, you can check the list of available Star Rewards.

Star Rewards can be anything from toys, vehicles, and pets.

A daily login might sound easy, but you still have to be patient when collecting stars. So far, the cheapest pet that you can get is the Ultra-Rare Ginger cat, which is worth 210 stars.

To get more stars, take note that you actually need to play the game after logging in. As you take more time in Adopt Me, you’ll receive additional stars in return.


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Events provide opportunities for players to take amazing goodies for a limited time. The key here is to keep yourself updated from time to time on the developer’s announcements every time there is an upcoming special event.

Once the event is up, keep an eye out for the rewards, as there is a good chance that you might get a unique pet that you can brag to fellow players.

Starter Eggs

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The easiest way to get free Pets in Adopt Me is through a guy named Sir Woofington. If you’re a beginner, find Sir Woofington at the Nursery, and from him, you’ll have a starter egg.

The egg can be hatched by performing specific game objectives, and once completed; you can pick a dog or a cat. This pet will be your first one in the game, and cannot be traded to other players, so you’ll have to be careful with your choice.

Earning Money


No, we’re not talking about real money here, but the in-game money that you can get by completing tasks to earn paychecks.

Paychecks are also rewarded for active players every 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can gain some extra cash through daily login (similar to Star Rewards) and planting Money Trees.

The money you collect can be used to buy an egg in the Nursery. Below is a list of eggs that you can purchase in exchange for some bucks:

  • Cracked Egg (Common) – 350 Bucks
  • Pet Egg (Rare) – 600 Bucks
  • Royal Egg (Legendary) – 1,450 Bucks

The chances of getting an Ultra-Rare to Legendary pet depends on the rarity of the Egg you bought. So, if you want to have a free unique pet, you’ll need to spend some time grinding money.

Discovering Secret Locations

image 1

A couple of legendary pets are just hiding in seemingly unsuspecting spots. You can take them for free as long as you know their whereabouts.

The First Pet

The first pet is located inside a hidden compartment of a wooden house near the hospital. Once you’re at the hospital, go over the bridge, and you’ll see the wooden house.

Enter the house, and look for a vent with a sign that says “Nothing to See Here.” Ignore the warning, and as you enter the vent, you’ll be in a secret room containing a legendary pet.

The second pet

The second pet, on the other hand, requires you to trigger some sort of glitch. Facing the exit, throw a plunger and slowly walk straight until you arrive in an unfamiliar area.

In this place, you should see a green wall in front of a gray wall. Walk around, and you’ll see some mountains. Explore this area to find a legendary egg.


Pets in Adopt Me are just as valuable companions as pets in real life. And since you now know how to get free pets in Adopt Me, you surely have an edge to make the most of the game.

You will have to spend something to have them, but it doesn’t always have to be actual money or Robux.

Fortunately, this game is blessed with developers that are considerate enough to thank their players by introducing different ways of acquiring pets regardless of the rarity.

Try everything we mentioned in this article, and with enough perseverance; you will be able to collect different pets without burning your wallet at all.

Enjoy your free pet hunting!

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