How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits: Fighting Style Guide

Are you wondering how to get Death Step in Blox Fruits? Read on and I’ll show you everything you need to know about this fighting style!

In Blox Fruits, you can learn various fighting styles that come with different attacks, abilities, and powers. 

How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits:

One of the more powerful ones is Death Step. It is an upgraded fighting style inspired by Sanji’s kicks from the anime One Piece.

Its range, damage, and combos are great for PvP and bounty hunting. That’s why a lot of players are after it. 

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to get Death Step in Blox Fruits and answer the most common questions related to this fighting style.

How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits

To learn Death Step in Blox Fruits, you need to have 5,000 Fragments, 2,500,000 Beli, and 400 Mastery in Dark Step.

Then, use the Library Key to get inside a secret entrance in the Ice Castle. After that, talk to Phoeyu, the Reformed and he will sell you Death Step.

Here’s a more detailed and step-by-step guide if you’re trying to get Death Step for the first time:

Step 1: Get 400 Mastery on Dark Step

How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits: Get 400 Mastery on Dark Step

Death Step is the V2 or upgrade of the Dark Step fighting style. That’s why you should get Dark Step first and gain a lot of Mastery for it. 

You can acquire Dark Step from the First Sea for 150,000 Beli. Simply go to Pirate Village and look for The Dark Step Teacher. 

If you haven’t packed it up on the First Sea, you can also obtain it on the Second and Third Sea. 

For the Second Sea, just go to Hot and Cold and proceed to the Lava side where you will find the teacher. He can also be located in the Castle in the Sea on the Third Sea.

After you equip Dark Step, you need 400 Mastery to be able to upgrade it. 

We have a specially curated article that will teach you how to gain mastery in Blox Fruits fast. So go check it out! 

Also, make sure you have 5000 Fragments and 2.5 million Beli for later.

Step 2: Get the Library Key

How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits: Library Key

The Library Key is a key item in obtaining Death Step in Blox Fruits. It is used to unlock the door to the room located to the right of the corridor in the Ice Castle.

To obtain the Library Key, go to the main room in Ice Castle where the Awakened Ice Admiral spawns.

He’s the only NPC that drops the Library key, but he can also give you the Hidden Key. After defeating him and obtaining the key, you need to be very careful not to die or disconnect. 

I had to kill him all over again because I was killed by another player after I got the key. So a word of warning, be extra careful.

Step 3: Talk to Phoeyu

How to Get Death Step in Blox Fruits: Talk to Phoeyu

Next, proceed to the Ice Castle in the Second Sea (he can also be located in the Castle on the Sea if you’re in the Third Sea as long as you’ve unlocked the Ice Castle door). 

Then, go to the locked door with the key and it will open. Then you’ll see an NPC named Phoeyu, The Reformed. 

Talk to him and he should teach you Death Step as long as you’ve met the mentioned requirements. 

Death Step Blox Fruits Showcase

  • Z: Rocket Kick – A dash that kicks the opponent backward if the user comes into contact with them. With maximum overheat, the dash will be a little bit faster, deal more damage, and have a fire animation. You can hold Z longer for a longer dash.
  • X: Wind Bullet – A kick that creates a wind projectile that explodes upon contact with the enemy. This move can break Instinct and hit instantly if the aim is right. Turns into a fire bullet with maximum overheat.
  • C: Vermillion Drill – A barrage of kicks twitch a powerful axe kick in the end. Lights the ground on fire with maximum overheat.
  • Z: Maximum Overheat – Sets the user’s legs on fire and enhances all attacks. Attacks leave flames on the ground or opponent. It has a cooldown of1 minute.

Death Step Blox Fruits: FAQs

How much is Death Step in Blox Fruits?

Death Step costs 5000 Fragments and 2,500,00 million Beli. 

What are the requirements to get Death Step in Blox Fruits?

The requirements for Death Step are 400 Mastery in Dark Step, the Library Key, 5,000 Fragments, and 2.5 million Beli.

Where to learn Death Step in Blox Fruits?

Death Step can be learned from an NPC named Phoeyu, The Reformed. He is located in the Library in the Ice Castle (Second Sea).

Do you need the Library Key to get Death Step?

Yes. You can’t go into the room where the Death Step teacher aka Phoeyu is located without the Library Key. 

Is Death Step good for Buddha?

While Death Step can be a powerful PvP fighting style, it doesn’t go well with the Buddha fruit. 

It has slow M1s and semi-broken hitboxes, which would make it hard for Buddha users to land attacks.
So, I won’t recommend this for Buddha users. Sharkman Karate would be the best for this fruit.


Now that you know how to get Death Step in Blox Fruits, you can set opponents on flame with your fiery and fierce kicks, just like Sanji. 

Getting mastery on Dark Step can be a little tricky and grinding for beli and Fragments can be a grind. But with our tips, you are guaranteed to get your hands (or legs) in this fighting style.

So get out three, start kicking, and get that Death Step!

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