How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits – A Complete Guide to Raids

Unleash your hidden power by learning how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits!

Are you already feeling the limits of your Blox Fruit? You might be able to get away with some weak fruit powers in the First Sea, but it won’t be the case once you explore the places in the Second and Third Sea.

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

Luckily, some fruits can be improved through a process called Awakening. 

Awakened fruits are a huge boost to your character’s combat prowess in Blox Fruits. This mechanic will upgrade your fruit’s moves, making it more potent in battle.

However, there’s no in-game tutorial that teaches you the Awakening and the process can be complicated if you’re doing it the first time.

Here’s a complete guide with everything you need to fully awaken your fruits in Blox fruits.

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Fruits That Can Be Awakened in Blox Fruits

Before you proceed, it’s important to note that not all fruits can be awakened. Here are the Blox Fruits that can be awakened:

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Sand
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Magma
  • Quake
  • Buddha
  • Spider
  • Rumble
  • Phoenix
  • Dough

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits

You can awaken fruits in Blox Fruits in the Second Sea by participating in raids. These raids require you to defeat all enemies in a series of five islands before the time limit expires.

After clearing a raid, you will be teleported to the Mysterious Entity, where you can use Fragments to awaken your fruit’s moves.

Things You’ll Need

  • Reach at least Level 1100 (You need to be Level 1100 to be able to host Raids. You can still join at lower levels but it will be difficult for you)
  • Spare Blox Fruit or $100,000 (To buy a Raid Chip)
  • 14,500+ Fragments (Payment for awakening your Fruit)

Step 1: Go to the Factory

You can start awakening your Blox Fruits when you reach the Second Sea. Once you have everything you need, go to the Factory located in the Hot and Cold area.

Once you enter, you need to input a secret code on the 4 large screens.

The code is Red, Blue, Green, and Blue. You can enter the code by clicking on the buttons in front of each screen.

Click the first one once, the second 3 times, the third 2 times, and the last 3 times again. Then you will see a new entrance open up on your left.

Make sure you’re not holding anything while you do it.

Step 2: Get a Raid Chip

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits - raid chip

To start a raid, you will need a Raid Chip from the Mysterious Scientist, which is only given to players Level 1100 and above.

You can purchase this chip for $100,000 or trade it for any physical fruit you have. With one Raid Chip only, you can bring along three other players to help you with the Raid. 

After that, you can choose the raid you want to participate in. Make sure you are already using the fruit you want to awaken and choose the raid theme that corresponds with it.

So if you want to awaken Light Fruit, make sure you have eaten it and you choose the Light Raid. Step into one of the capsules and the raid will start.

Step 3: Clear the Raid

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits  - clear raids

Welcome to the raid! Upon starting, a wave of enemies will start attacking you and you’ll have to defeat every single one of them.

Buddha is great for these raids since it’s an OP giant tank and all you have to do is M1 everything to death.

There will be a total of 5 islands and the boss lies in the final one. He uses the awakened version of the fruit.

Make sure to defeat every enemy before the timer runs out. Raids will reward you with Fragments and allow you to awaken your fruit.

Step 4: Awaken Your Fruit’s Moves

How to Awaken Fruits in Blox Fruits  - awaken moves

After successfully clearing the raid, you will be teleported to a room with the Mysterious Entity. You can awaken your fruit’s moves here by paying with Fragments.

You need to awaken your fruit’s moves in this specific order: Z > X > C > V > F.

After that, you can ask him to take you back to the Kingdom of Rose because you have just awakened your fruits in Blox Fruits.

Awakened Blox Fruits and Their Awakening Costs

Flame Fruit

  • Burning Blast: 500 Fragments
  • Prominence Burst: 3,000 Fragments
  • Flaming Vortex: 4,000 Fragments
  • Flaming Destroyer: 5,000 Fragments
  • Rocket Flight: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Flame

Ice Fruit

  • Ice Spears: 500 Fragments
  • Glacial Surge: 3,000 Fragments
  • Ice Dragon: 4,000 Fragments
  • Absolute Zero: 5,000 Fragments
  • Ice Skating: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Ice

Quake Fruit

  • Fatal Demolisher: 1,000 Fragments
  • Air Crusher: 3,000 Fragments
  • Spatial Shockwave: 5,000 Fragments
  • Seaquake: 8,000 Fragments

Total: 17,000 Fragments to Fully Awaken Quake

Dark Fruit

  • Dimensional Slash: 500 Fragments
  • Abyssal Darkness: 3,000 Fragments
  • Endless Hole: 4,000 Fragments
  • World of Darkness: 5,000 Fragments
  • Ghastly Step: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Dark Fruit

Light Fruit

  • Divine Arrow: 500 Fragments
  • Swords of Judgement: 3,000 Fragments
  • Light Speed Destroyer: 4,000 Fragments
  • Wrath of God: 5,000 Fragments
  • Shining Flight: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Light Fruit

Spider Fruit

  • Thermal Laceration: 800 Fragments
  • Silk Prison: 3,500 Fragments
  • Eternal White: 4,500 Fragments
  • Heavenly Punishment: 6,000 Fragments
  • God’s Highway: 2,500 Fragments

Total: 17,300 Fragments to Fully Awaken Spider Fruit

Sand Fruit

  • Desert Blade: 500 Fragments
  • Sand Coffin: 3,000 Fragments
  • Sandstorm: 4,000 Fragments
  • Deep Sand: 5,000 Fragments
  • Tornado Flight: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Sand Fruit

Magma Fruit

  • Magma Shower: 500 Fragments
  • Volcanic Assault: 3,000 Fragments
  • Great Magma Hound: 4,000 Fragments
  • Volcanic Storm: 5,000 Fragments
  • Beast Ride: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Magma Fruit

Buddha Fruit

  • Shift: 500 Fragments
  • Heavenly Impact: 3,000 Fragments
  • Light of Annihilation: 4,000 Fragments
  • Twilight of the Gods: 5,000 Fragments
  • Retribution Dash: 2,000 Fragments

Total: 14,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Buddha Fruit

Rumble Fruit

  • Lightning Beast: 500 Fragments
  • Thunderstorm: 3,000 Fragments
  • Sky Judgement: 4,000 Fragments
  • Thunderball Destruction: 5,000 Fragments
  • Electric Flash: 2,000 Fragments
  • Pole V2: 5,000 Fragments

Total: 19,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Rumble Fruit

Advanced Raids

There are currently two fruits that can only be awakened through Advanced Raids. These are Dough and Phoenix.

To do this, go to the Mysterious Scientist and buy a Microchip for 1000 Fragments or any physical fruit worth more than 1 million Beli. Then you have to the raids to be able to awaken these fruits.

Phoenix Fruit

  • Cremation Cannon: 500 Fragments
  • Blue Flames: 3,000 Fragments
  • Flame Exodus: 4,000 Fragments
  • Blazing Plumage: 5,000 Fragments
  • Swift Flight: 2,000 Fragments
  • Tap: 4,000 Fragments

Total: 18,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Phoenix Fruit

Dough Fruit

  • Missile Jab: 500 Fragments
  • Pastry River: 3,000 Fragments
  • Piercing Clothesline: 4,000 Fragments
  • Dough Fist Fusillade: 5,000 Fragments
  • Scorching Donut: 2,000 Fragments
  • Tap: 4,000 Fragments

Total: 18,500 Fragments to Fully Awaken Dough Fruit


Now you know how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits, you can tap into your power’s hidden potential and surpass your limits.

Awakening fruits will let you perform better in PvPs and most of the time, grind a lot faster. That’s why you should save up your Fragments and shouldn’t throw away spare fruits. You’ll need them.

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