How Much Does Dough Cost in Blox Fruits?

Are you planning on becoming a Dough user? How much does Dough cost in Blox Fruits? 

Blox Fruits is a One Piece-inspired Roblox game in which you can acquire different Devil Fruit powers, like the ones seen on the show.

How Much Does Dough Cost in Blox Fruits

One of them is the Dough Fruit, which is the in-game version of the Mochi Mochi Fruit wielded by Katakuri.

Even though new and powerful fruits have been released in the game, the Dough fruit is consistently part of the meta and is still one of the most sought-after fruits.

With that being said, how much does Dough cost in Blox Fruits? 

In this article, you’ll get all the important information about this fruit.

How Much Does Dough Cost in Blox Fruits?

Dough is a Mythical Elemental type Blox Fruit you can purchase for 2,800,000 Beli or 2400 from the Blox Fruits Dealer. 

The Dough is a very rare fruit that has a 1.4% chance of being in stock and a drop or spawn chance of 1.34%.

Dough is also one of the fruits that can be awakened. You can fully awaken Dough at the cost of 18,500 Fragments.

Dough Trading Value

Dough Trading Value

Now you might decide to take another route and acquire Dough through trading. The current trade value of dough is still very high at 20,000,000, which is equivalent to a T-rex fruit. 

If you want to trade up to Dough, you have to save up quite a few mythics. 

You can try trading for Dough with these fruits for the best results as they have around 20m value:

  • Venom and Spirit
  • Mammoth and Rumble
  • Control, Buddha, and Shadow
  • T-rex

On the other hand, Permanent Dough has a value of 180 million and costs 2400 Robux.

Is Dough Good in Blox Fruits?

The Dough Fruit is one of the most abused fruits in the game thanks to its insane PvP spammability and high damage output. This is the reason why Dough has a very high trading value (20m).

The fruit offers a nice stun and can also break Instinct. It’s also no slouch when it comes to mobility.

But the scariest thing about Dough is the high damage that every move can deal. And since it’s an elemental type Blox Fruit, you also gain elemental immunity from lower-level characters.

When it comes to grinding, Dough is pretty mediocre. Its moves need high mastery to unlock and most of them are single targets.

That’s why I don’t recommend getting it if you’re after quick levels. 

Check out Light Fruit if you’re in the First Sea and Buddha in the Second and Third.

How Much Does It Cost to Fully Awaken Dough?

How much does it cost to fully awaken Dough?

It will cost you a total of 18,500 Fragments to fully awaken all of Dough’s moves. 

The order of awakening its moves are as follows:

  • Z- 500 Fragments
  • F – 2000 Fragments
  • X – 3000 Fragments
  • C – 4000 Fragments
  • M2 – 4000 Fragments
  • V – 5000 Fragments

Total: 18,500 Fragments

How to Awaken Dough?

How to awaken Dough

Dough is one of the fruits that needs a special microchip to be awakened. 

To do it, you need to have a God’s Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoas. You need to trade these materials for a Sweet Chalice from the Sweet Crafter in the Sea of Treats.

Then, you need to go to Cake Land and talk to drip_mama. She’s an NPC that will ask you to kill 500 NPCs in Cake Land to be able to start a Dough King Raid. 

After defeating the Dough King, he will drop a Red Key. 

This will allow you to unlock the door at Candy Castle where you can talk to the Cake Scientist and purchase a Dough Raid Microchip. 

You can start a Dough Raid with Dough equipped, and it works the same as any raid from here. After successfully completing the raid, you will be teleported to the Mysterious Entity where you can awaken your fruit’s moves.

Lastly, you can purchase a Dough Raid Microchip from the Mysterious Scientist to awaken the remaining moves.

Dough Fruit Abilities Showcase

Here are the moves that come with the V1 of Dough and what they do.

If you want to be adept at using this fruit and utilize its full potential, it’s important to understand its moves.

Dough V1 Moveset

Fried Dough (Z) – The user’s hand turns into a big oval dough and is then launched into the opponent dealing AOE damage. It also has a pushback effect. It’s a nice ranged move that requires a bit of aiming skills.

Sticky Dough (X) – The user creates a whip out of dough and hurls it around. If it hits an enemy, it will grab them and slam them to the ground. It’s a great single-target move that can be used to set up your combos.

Carved Dough (C) – The user transforms into a donut and once C is released, slams a spiky dough arm into the opponent, knocking them up and breaking Instinct at the same time. It adds a little mobility as well.

Restless Dough Barrage (V) – Rings appear around the target enemy and bombard him with dough fists. The longer you hold V, the more hits you will perform. This also stuns the target and breaks Instinct. Its OP stun and insane damage makes this my favorite Dough move.

Roller Donut (F) – The user transforms into a donut and rolls around. It is a travel skill that can be used to roam faster. Climb hills and slopes, or outmaneuver enemies.

Get used to these skills first and decide if you want to awaken the Dough fruit for long-term or late-game use.


Now you know how much Dough costs in Blox Fruits. It’s one of the most valuable and sought-after fruits in the game and it has insane PvP potential.

Getting your hands on this fruit will require grinding, effort, and trading skills. But if you have Robux, you can just go for it.

If you’re searching for more tutorials, guides, tier lists, and codes to help you in your Blox Fruits adventure, make sure you take a look at our Blox Fruits section.

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