Grand Piece Online Second Sea Map 2023 [Complete Guide]

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is another Roblox game inspired by the widely popular manga and television series One Piece. This game features a vast world surrounded by seas, where players can travel through different islands to discover hidden treasures and rare devil fruits.

Exploring in Grand Piece Online requires map awareness, as specific locations may contain mobs and powerful bosses that are way above your current level.

So, for this article, we’ll give you the information about the GPO second sea map and a sneak peek at what to expect once you arrive at GPO’s second sea!

GPO Second Sea

The Perilous Second Sea

The second sea is a more dangerous region compared to the first sea. Though the level requirement for most of the second sea’s islands is 325, it is better to train your character a bit more until you reach level 350.

Gaining Access to The Second Sea

Access to GPO Second Sea

To reach the second sea, you must speak to a giant monkey named Gatekeeper Puff. You can find Gatekeeper Puff in the Reverse Mountain.

The Reverse Mountain is located southwest of Marine Base G-1. To get there, sail from the southwest corner of Marine Base G-1 island until the game notifies you that you have approached the Reverse Mountain, the “checkpoint to the new world.”

Find the nearest town and talk to an NPC named Robo to set up the Reverse Mountain as your new spawn point. From Robo’s position, head over to the west, and you’ll see Gatekeeper Puff at the island’s edge.

Robo in GPO

Gatekeeper Puff will introduce himself as the gatekeeper to the new world. To let you access the second sea, he wants an item called the World Scroll. The World Scroll is located in a small shrine northeast of the Reverse Mountain.

On your way to the shrine, just take a slight northeast route and be careful when traversing the rough waters, as sea serpents might spawn in the area. Continue heading in the same direction, and you’ll find the “??? Shrine” with the World Scroll at its center.

The World Scroll has a spawn time of 10 minutes. This means if you find the shrine empty, it’s probably been taken, so you have to wait a few minutes for it to respawn.

Get the scroll and give it to Gatekeeper Puff. The giant monkey will then open the door that leads to the second sea.

GPO Second Sea Map

Here is a map that contains all the islands and areas located within the second sea:

GPO Second Sea Map

GPO Second Sea Locations

The second sea provides eight additional locations that you can explore. These are:

  • Colosseum of Arc – Any level
  • Desert Kingdom – Level 325 and above
  • Rough Waters – Level 325 and above
  • Rovo Island – Any level
  • Sashi Island – Level 325 and above
  • Spirit Island – Any Ievel
  • Foro Island – Any level
  • Thriller Bark – Level 325 and above

Second Sea Bosses

Some of the bosses that you can encounter in the second sea are the following:

  • Kraken – A sea beast that lives in the rough waters in the south of Desert Kingdom.
  • Pharaoh Akshan – A boss that can be found sleeping in the Pharaoh’s Castle of Desert Kingdom.
  • Crab King Cho – A powerful monstrous crab inhabiting the Crab Cave in the Desert Kingdom.
  • Moria, the Shadow King – A familiar character in One Piece, Moria is a Raid Boss in GPO that can be fought on Thriller Bark.
  • Borj – Another boss in Thriller Bark that has a small chance of dropping the legendary Knight’s Gauntlet when defeated.
  • Musashi – A warrior NPC that gives you a Book of Nitoryu that teaches the player a two-sword style technique if you beat him in a duel.

Good Luck with Your Second Sea Adventure!

While getting to the second sea is simple with the help of GPO second sea map, you’ll still have to grind some more levels before you can safely journey through this new region.

However, thriving in the second sea is highly beneficial, as it is home to a wide array of valuable loots. Therefore, this region is a promising place to show your true potential and become a stronger GPO player.

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