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How To Get Hulu With Spotify Premium For Students

Hulu is a streaming service that had its early start back in the late 2000s and is one of the most popular ones today. Then, there’s Spotify where it is a music streaming server. In contrast to video streaming services, Spotify only has music that can come with other incentives.

Separately, these services have their own subscription prices. Hulu has two plans which are the basic which costs around $5.99 and the premium for $11.99 for a month.

how to get Hulu with Spotify Premium for students

Spotify costs around $9.99 a month but there is the student plan. The student subscription costs around $5.99 a month. The student plan sounds good but you need to be a student to avail of the plan. There is a method involved where you will present your student ID which allows you to avail of the plan.

What makes it even better is that you can have Spotify Premium with Hulu at the same time. Here is how to get Hulu with Spotify Premium for students when you are eligible for it.

Spotify Hulu Sign up

Ways to get Hulu with Spotify Premium for Students

Creating a new account through Spotify

This is an easy method when you don’t have either a Hulu or Spotify account. What you need to do is to simply go to Spotify and register your account. There is already an option upon registration where you can avail of the Spotify Premium and Hulu plan for students. Just click on that, finish your registration and you can have both services right away.

When you already have a Spotify account

When you already have an existing Spotify Premium account for students, these are the steps needed for you to have Hulu.

Step 1
Log in your Spotify account that has the student plan

Step 2
Go to your Account Page

Step 3
There is an option there called “Activate Hulu” and click on that

Step 4
Fill up the necessary information and continue on

Step 5
When you activate the bundle, you will be billed for the plan.

Keep in mind that the Hulu plan you get is the one with the ads. You cannot avail of the Hulu Premium with this bundle but the price is a sweet deal enough that even with ads, you’ll be good to go.

When you have both Spotify and Hulu

When you have a Spotify student plan and Hulu account, you can bundle them together to be billed a lesser price. First of all, make sure that both your accounts have the same account. Just as we stated earlier, the Hulu account should not be a Premium one because it cannot be bundled with Spotify. Unless your aim is to bundle both your Spotify and Hulu, then that can be possible but you will lose the Premium aspect because of the bundle’s plan.

Step 1
Log in to your Spotify student account

Step 2
Go to your Account Page

Step 3
Select “Activate Hulu”

Step 4
When you did everything correctly, you will need to confirm where you will combine both accounts to have the Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu bundle.

Step 5
Confirm everything and you’ll have the bundle and you will no longer be billed on Hulu and you just end up paying $4.99 on Spotify.

In closing

Now that you know how to get Hulu with Spotify Premium for students, what are you waiting for? Always remember that you need to have your student ID upon registering. Plus, the plan only covers for basic Hulu but that’s a good deal on its own when you also have Spotify for only $4.99 a month.

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