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How To Get Disney+ On your Smart TV

Disney Plus is a streaming service where you can watch Disney content for a fee. You can have access to their catalog of movies and shows dating back to decades ago. You can watch Disney Plus on your computer through a browser or on your mobile device using the app.

There are some that would want to know how to get Disney+ on their TV’s. It is good to watch Disney Plus on your device, but it can be better if you can watch it on a TV for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you have an active subscription to Disney Plus.

Even if you have the app or a means of watching Disney Plus on TV, if you don’t have a subscription, then you can’t watch it. You also need a TV that can use Disney Plus. Having the app is good, but older models of current TVs may not work.

A lot of the TVs that we’ll mention in this list are capable of carrying Disney Plus. The TV models would be around 2019 until the present time period. Don’t forget about connecting your TV to the internet.

how to have disney plus on tv

Different TVs you can use to watch Disney Plus

Installing it on a Sony TV

Step 1
On your Home Screen, open Sony Select

Step 2
Type Disney Plus on the search screen and you’ll see the app

Step 3
Download and install Disney Plus on your Sony TV

Step 4
Once it is installed, launch the app and log in your account, and you’re good to go

The good thing about several Sony TV models is that some people have claimed that they can access Disney Plus on older TVs. They say several Sony TV models from 2017 still work so you may want to try that.

Installing it on a Philips TV

Step 1
Find the Play Store

Step 2
Type Disney Plus until you see the icon

Step 3
Download and install it

Step 4
Once it’s finished, launch Disney Plus and log in your details

Installing it on an LG TV

Step 1
Go to the LG Content Store

Step 2
Find Disney Plus on the search option

Step 3
Once again, download and install it on your LG TV

Step 4
Launch Disney Plus and log in to finish it all

There are several LG TV models dating back as old as 2016 that can support Disney Plus. If they also have the WebOS 3.0 and higher, then they can support Disney Plus.

Installing it on a Samsung TV

Step 1
Go to the Apps option

Step 2
Find Disney Plus again

Step 3
Select the Disney Plus icon and pick Add to Home which will start the download and installation

Step 4
Launch the app and log in to use Disney Plus.

In closing

Now that you know how to have Disney Plus On TV, you can enjoy streaming your Disney content on your flatscreen television of choice. It hasn’t been confirmed for other television models if they support Disney Plus. It wouldn’t hurt for you to try and there are other means of watching Disney Plus on your TV. You can launch it through your video game console or streaming device when you can connect it to your TV.


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