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5 Best Gaming Chairs with LED Lights in 2023: Brighten Up Your Setup

What is a gaming setup without the most important part, LED lighting? Yes, we all know that LED lights are one of the cheapest upgrades you can buy, but it amps up your setup exponentially and makes it look a thousand dollars more expensive. The same goes for a gaming chair with LED lights.

If you’re not satisfied with only your PC and peripherals having fancy lighting and want to go for a fully LED-lit setup including your chairs, then you are at the right place. There can be a perplexing amount of gaming chairs in the market, and choosing one that suits your need can be quite challenging.

That’s why we have compiled 5 of the best gaming chairs with LED lights for you to choose from. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have had quite a few chairs back, this article will help you make the right purchase.

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5 Best Gaming Chairs With LED Lights

Gaming Chairs with LED Lights

1. OSP Home Furnishings Output Mid-Back LED Lit Gaming Chair

Your comfort will last all day and all night thanks to the contoured, thickly padded, faux leather seat and mid-back, as well as the integrated lumbar support. You can settle into your comfort zone with the flip arms while the integrated lumbar support helps your body adapt.

Of course, we have the battery-powered LED lighting that still lights up even while charging. With this gaming chair with LED lights, you can keep the aesthetics of your setup for up to 40 hours.

Other Pros:

  • Nylon colored keycaps
  • Customizable RGB
  • One-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment

2. X Rocker Emerald RGB 2.0 Wired X2 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

Not only does this chair look pleasing, but it sounds superb as well. Yes, this speaker comes with LED lighting, built-in headrest mounted speakers and a subwoofer that will give you a glowing and mystic setup while providing an immersive experience.

With the touch of a button, it can be adjusted to light up in more than 30 different color and pattern combinations using RGB LED technology. Pair this with the comfort and support it offers, and you have a deal too good to pass on.

Other Pros:

  • Foldable
  • Rocks and reclines
  • Console compatible

3. X Rocker 5152401 Prism PC Chair

Now, if you love all the feature’s from the previous product but don’t want a floor gaming chair, this one is definitely for you. We have another X Rocker on the list, and it contains the same features as the X Rocker Emerald.

The only difference is its base. During your longest gaming sessions, the ergonomic design and strong pedestal swivel base will provide maximum support and mobility.

Other Pros:

  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer
  • 30+ LED colors and combinations
  • Foldable for storage

4. Comfty RGB LED Reclining Diamond Quilted Gaming Chair

The brilliant RGB lighting all around the frame of this LED gaming chair will illuminate your gaming space. Bright colors and patterns are available with 7-color LED light options, which can be controlled with a remote and powered by a USB cable.

It comes with a diamond-patterned/quilted padding for a unique and comfy texture. Full padding is provided on the seat, back, lumbar area, and armrests thanks to high-density sponge cushioning. A leather racing chair with padding provides improved support for all-day comfort.

Other Pros:

  • Extra pillows included
  • Recline and swivel
  • Lighter than other gaming chairs on this list

5. QIGRIF RGB Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers and LED Lights

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If you are on a tighter budget but still want a brilliant gaming chair with LED lights, then this one from QIGRIF offers quite a bang for your buck. LED lighting illuminates the back and seat edge, and a USB connection to a computer, power bank, or power source was also provided.

To create a more immersive gaming environment, you can easily select from a variety of lighting modes and brightness using the remote control. This gaming chair definitely proves that you don’t need thousands of dollars for a gallant setup.

Illuminate Your Setup With A Gaming Chair With LED Lights

Are you ready to complete your LED setup? There are a lot of things you have to consider when choosing a gaming chair. That’s why we’ve done the hard work and research for you. With the chairs on this list, your setup will get nothing but a splendid addition.

So, which gaming chair with LED lights are you going to pick? Do you have one you would like to recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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