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Funky Friday Codes (October 2022) -Free Points, Microphones, and Animations

Funky Friday is a rhythm and dance game on Roblox where you hit colored arrows with keys. Besides the core gameplay of hitting the patterns presented on time, there are also animations and emotes that you can get using points or Funky Friday Codes.

Besides these codes, you can buy Animations and Emotes using the points that you will gain every time you hit a note or win a match. You are declared the winner if you get a higher score than your opponent. Animation and Emotes don’t change the gameplay, and it is purely for cosmetics, but it makes the game exciting and less tedious.

The game was based on the 2020 rhythm game Friday Night Funkin’. The difference between the former is that Funky Friday has a versus mode where you battle against a player. Although you’re allowed to play Solo, it will give you less score and won’t give you winning streaks.

Latest Funky Friday Codes that Works

  • TAMBRUSHISBACK—Redeem for FNF Speaker (New)
  • funkymillion—Redeem for the Lyte Lantern mic
  • 1YEARSCOOP—Redeem for the One Year Scoop Microphone
  • 1YEARFUNKY—Redeem for 1k Points
  • 2v2!!—Redeem for Sakuroma Microphone
  • CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU—Redeem for Cheese Microphone
  • 1BILCHEESE—Redeem for Funky Cheese Animation
  • 9keyishere—Redeem for 500 Points
  • MILLIONLIKES—Redeem for Radio Emote
  • 100kactive—Redeem for 250 Points 
  • Halfbillion—Redeem for 500 Points  
  • smashthatlikebutton—Redeem for 300 Points 
  • 250M—Redeem for 250 Points 
  • 1MILFAVS—Redeem for the Boombox Animation
  • 100M—Redeem code for 500 Points
  • 19DOLLAR—Redeem code for the RickRoll animation
  • XMAS2021—Redeem for Candy Cane Animation

How to Activate Funky Friday Codes

Redeeming Funky Friday Codes is quite simple. After launching the game, locate the Twitter icon that you can see on the top left side of the screen. Choose a code that you want to use and enter it in the textbox to redeem.

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Funky Friday Codes

After clicking ‘Redeem’, you’ll get a notification at the top of the screen saying that you’ve successfully claimed your rewards.

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What is the Use of Points in Funky Friday

Points are the in-game currency that is used to buy Animations and Emotes. They can be earned by hitting the right arrow at the right time and winning matches against other players.

What is the Use of Animations and Emotes in Funky Friday

Emotes and Animations are purely cosmetic and do not affect or change the gameplay.

Funky Friday Codes That Are Currently NOT Working

There are no expired codes for Funky Friday. We will update this article as soon as the code is not working anymore.


Playing Funky Friday will make you feel nostalgic, especially when you’ve played Dance Dance Revolution before. Songs, Emotes, and Animations are updated frequently from time to time, so it doesn’t feel repetitive.

The Animations and Emotes surely add spice to the game; that is why hitting the arrows on time and winning is imperative, so you’ll have points to buy these cosmetics. But if you don’t have time for that, then these Funky Friday codes will help make your game more aesthetically appealing.


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