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5 Best Free Video Editors for Chromebook

Finding the best free video editors for Chromebook may be a daunting task. It’s a task that seemed impossible because of the hardware capabilities of these laptops. Whether from its mundane processing power or very limited storage capacity, users had issues doing the heavy work on their lightweight system. This is true if we are talking about 4-year old laptops. Fortunately for consumers, Chromebooks are getting faster and more reliable with every new release.

Apart from getting better hardware, Chrome OS has finally made it easier for users to access the Play Store. There are hundreds of apps to choose from. However, is it good enough to ditch your desktop or laptop computer?

video editing for free

Can you do video editing on a Chromebook?

TL;DRYes, but your mileage may vary (YMMV)

Before we talk about these video editing apps and tools, we have to set your expectations. If you are expecting a seamless video-editing experience or professional-grade editing capabilities, then you’re still better off using a MacBook or a Windows Laptop.

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If you are a casual user who just needs to splice or shorten videos, add some background music, plus other basic visual improvements – without spending a dime – then our list of free video editing apps and tools for Chromebook can change the way you look at your device.

Top 5 Video Editing Software for Chromebook

5. YouTube Editor (Chrome OS, Windows, macOS)

The Good

  • Natively supported by Chrome OS. No download is necessary. Just pull up YouTube Studio, and you’re good to go.
  • The User-Interface is pretty straightforward. Navigating through options is very basic yet intuitive.
  • Upload your project directly once you’re done with your project

The Bad

  • Audio editing options are pretty basic. Users can’t adjust music length
  • While adding multiple musics to the project is possible, making it work seamlessly is excruciating
  • Don’t expect to run smoothly on Old Chromebooks

The Verdict

What is there not to love about YouTube Editor? It natively supports Chrome OS, meaning it will work with Chromebooks without problems. It also has all the basic things you will need to make visual improvements. While there’s more to be desired when it comes to adding or editing audio is concerned, casual users will find YouTube Editor to be ample enough for basic video editing needs.

4. Cute CUT – Video Editor and Movie Maker (Chrome OS, Android)

The Good

  • Simple yet very robust and intuitive
  • Allows users to record drawings and turn them into animation
  • Picture-in-Picture functionality
  • Great customizable transition options + 20 pre-defined ones

The Bad

  • Watermark – can be removed by a one-time payment of USD 5.99
  • The 30-second limit for free users

The Verdict

What makes Cute CUT different is its ability to turn your hand-drawn stuff into an animated clip. It also comes with great editing tools, picture-in-picture, and very usable transitions. Just like other free video-editing apps, expect watermarks on your finished projects. While most can live with their projects containing watermarks, the biggest downside is the ability to only record 30 seconds! Do take note that in most situations, a 30-second video clip is more than enough to make compelling social media content.

3. WeVideo (Chrome OS, Android)

The Good

  • Different Audio, Graphics, and Themes available in WeVideo’s database
  • No File Restrictions (larger files may take longer to update)
  • Share across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc…)
  • Access to uploaded media

The Bad

  • The Drag-and-Drop feature doesn’t work
  • Requires in-app purchases to get more features
  • May suffer from performance issues when editing large media files (YMMV)

The Verdict

WeVideo is probably the most user-friendly app when it comes to free video editors for Chromebook. It is loved by thousands because it is easy to trim and compile videos. The different editing viewpoints (Timeline and Storyboard) also help users get a better idea of what their project will look like. While most features are locked via in-app purchases, casual users can get them by using simple tools. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for – and in our case – for free.

2. KineMaster (Chrome OS, Android)

The Good

  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Packed with amazing useful features*
  • Very useful EQ presets for one-button editing
  • Share across multiple platforms with just a click of a button (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc…)

* requires Premium Subscription to get the most out of it

The Bad

  • Watermark will be shown in edited videos
  • The best features are subscription-based

The Verdict

What KineMaster brings to the table is the power of professional video editing tools while being user-friendly. Adding multiple layers of video, as well as adding voiceovers, can be done in a flash. Users don’t need to read all the instructions to understand what they need to do. Everything you need is right before your eyes! The biggest drawback for most users is the watermark – which is understandable since it’s free. You can always pay for the subscription service if you need more.

1. PowerDirector (Android, Chrome OS, Windows)

The Good

  • Professional-Grade editing tools
  • Regularly updated
  • Access to stock media content
  • Tons of features*

* requires Premium Subscription to get the most out of it

The Bad

  • In-App purchases are necessary to unlock the best features
  • Performance issues on older Chromebook models (YMMV)
  • The User-Interface can be intimidating for casual users

The Verdict

PowerDirector has made its name in Windows as a great option for professional-grade video editing solutions. Now that it has made its way to Android and Chrome OS, users now have access to pro-level features. While it can be very intimidating for casual users, intermediate and professionals will find the User-Interface to be very familiar.

Our Recommendations

Now that we have narrowed down our options. It all boils down to your personal preferences. From a general standpoint, all of these free video editors for Chromebook have their unique features and editing capabilities. What sets them apart are the optional in-app purchases and subscriptions they offer.

If you want to get the best professional-grade video editing tool, then we highly recommend PowerDirector. If you want simplicity, WeVideo or KineMaster can get the job done. What you can do on your end is to try all of these apps and base your options from there.

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