How to Forget a Wifi Network on Mac

The Mac is one of the most stable, high quality and sought-after computers, packed with great features that every user needs.

The wifi capability of the Mac can conveniently connect and rejoin a network within the range, and you can also switch to another wifi network in just a few clicks.

However, there are some instances when you need to forget a wifi network on your Mac, situations such as;

Forgetting a Wifi Network on Mac OS X

When You Need to Forget a Network on Mac

  • You no longer want to auto-connect to a wifi network
  • Changing your wifi router settings (changing password, network name, etc.. )
  • Want to remove unused wifi network
  • Need a room for a new network

Forgetting a wifi network on Mac is incredibly easy but can also be difficult for non-techy users.

Forgetting a wifi Network on Mac by Removing from the Preferred Networks List

The steps below will erase a wifi network and prevent your Mac from auto-connecting from the wifi connection.

open network preferences

Step 1: In the menu bar, click the wifi icon and select “Open Network Preferences” or go to “System Preferences” and choosing “Network.”

Select Wifi and Click Advanced

Step 2: Select “Wifi” from the left sidebar and click “Advanced.”

Select Wifi Network name to forget

Step 3: Under the “Wifi” tab, select the network name from the “Preferred Networks” list you want to forget and click the “-” minus icon to remove the wifi network.

Confirm remove wifi network - Forget

Step 4: A confirmation message will appear to confirm the action; click the “Remove” button to remove the wifi network from the list. Remove other unused wifi networks if necessary.

Step 5: Finally, select “Ok” and “Apply” when asked.

When done correctly, the wifi network name will no longer appear in the “Preferred Networks” list, and the connection is already forgotten.

This time, your Mac can able detect and see the network name along with other available wifi networks within the range, but it won’t auto-join.

Tips: In the “Preferred Networks” list, you can drag networks up or down.


Doing this allows your Mac to select the first displayed wifi network, set it as a default connection, and auto-connects to the next one when the first network fails to establish an internet connection.

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