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How To Fix iPhone Cannot Verify Server Identity Error

There is something called an “iPhone cannot verify server identity” error. This happens when you input or import a new email on your iPhone.

The technical aspect is that there was a problem verifying the email, leading to some issues. 

One problem is that you can’t access internet websites easily as the site will also have an error. Don’t worry as here are some things you can do to fix that problem.

iPhone cannot verify server identity

Fixing Cannot Verify Server Identity Error Message on iPhone

Restarting your iPhone

It is a classic method where you turn off your iPhone and turn it on again. A hard reset can also do the trick, but that’s usually what people do for any device, which is the restart trick.

Removing and adding the email again

The new email added is what caused this problem. Try removing and adding the email again.

Better yet, once you remove the email, try to see if the problem persists. That’s where you can then add the email again. Here are the steps to remove and add your email once again.

  1. Go to Settings and press Accounts & Passwords.
  2. Head to Accounts and select the email that you want to remove
  3. Select Delete Account and then choose Delete from My iPhone
  4. Once the email is deleted, Go back to Settings and Accounts & Passwords
  5. Simply click on Add Account and add your email

The problem should be fixed by now when you do the steps correctly.

Restarting the Email App

It could also be a case where your Email App is the one with the problem. This usually happens due to a lot of factors like data corruption and others.

You can simply delete any cached data and restart the email app. Doing this step may remove the emails stored in your App, but all you need to do is just put them back in again.

Updating your iOS

Restarting the Email App is one thing, but doing a simple iOS check is something easy to do.

It could be a situation where there are updates that you need to do, and the Email App can be included in that if that’s the case.

Resetting the Network

Doing a Network reset is another step that you can do. It clears out all of your past network connections, thus potentially alleviating the problem.

  1. Go to Settings and hit General.
  2. Click on Reset and then choose Reset Network Setting.
  3. Confirm the password and reset the entire Network to get back on track.

Reset Factory Settings

This is the most extreme method to fix the iPhone cannot verify server identity error. Before you do it, you need to save all the necessary and essential information on the iCloud so that you can get them back again later on.

Resetting your iPhone to its Factory Settings will set it back to its original state in the system. Any file, picture, video, or whatever stored in your iPhone will be gone along with the error.

  1. Go to Settings and hit General.
  2. Click on Reset, but this time choose Erase all content and settings
  3. Enter the password and confirm the Reset, and you’re done

If you did everything correctly, then the problem will be fixed. If the problem isn’t fixed, then it could be a problem with your service provider’s end. Just check things out with them, and you’ll be fine.

Final Statement

Don’t worry if you’re getting the “iPhone cannot verify server identity” error; we’ve several solutions.

The steps outlined above should assist you in getting your iPhone back up and running so that you may visit the websites you require.

Do you have any other questions or need additional assistance with this error? Please let us know, and we will gladly assist you.

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