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5 of the Best Tools to Edit PDFs on Chromebook

Chrome OS is starting to look more appealing for professionals on the go because of its versatility, functionality, and reliability in cloud computing. However, there’s still one thing holding it back – the ability to edit PDFs on Chromebook.

Sadly, because of the limited storage space found in most of these lightweight notebook computers, finding an app that you can install can be quite frustrating… especially if installing Linux on your system is a big NO for you.

Edit PDFs on Chromebook

Lucky for you, we’ve looked into different ways that you can edit PDFs without the use of actual programs. While there are some that you can use via the Play Store, our article will be covering the ones that you can use online regardless of the Chromebook model you have.

Word of warning, though: these recommendations might not be as practical or as convenient as you would expect in other operating systems.

Viewing and Editing PDFs on Chromebook – Is it Possible?

As far as viewing PDFs are concerned, then yes. Editing PDFs, on the other hand, can prove to be challenging, especially if you need more than just adding your signature to a document.

The biggest drawback of Chromebooks is the absence of Adobe Acrobat Reader – a staple in viewing and editing PDFs across multiple platforms. Then again, as the saying goes:

“If there’s a will, there’s a way”

If you are willing to get your hands dirty – figuratively speaking, that is – then we highly recommend trying out the tools we have down below. These tools will make editing PDFs on your Chromebook a reality.

How to Edit PDFs on Chromebook using Google Docs

Google Docs has been used by millions worldwide because of how practical it is. You can create, edit, import, and export your documents onto a different platform. But what sets Google Docs apart is its fantastic hidden feature: Turning PDFs into doc files. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Open Google Docs and click on File-Open and look for the PDF you want to edit. (Alternatively, you can also save the PDF in your Google Drive, right-click on the PDF file and choose Open with-Google Docs).
  2. Once the PDF file is accessed, you can edit the contents directly. Do take note that opening the PDF file in Google Docs will change its format.
  3. Once done, simply go to File-Download- and choose the PDF format to save the file accordingly.

Disclaimer: According to several users, Google Docs can’t convert all PDFs into documents, especially when opening PDFs that have advanced settings. Exporting your work to PDF may also pose problems with the overall appearance of the edited file. Make adjustments if deemed necessary.

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How to Edit PDFs on Chromebook using Kami

Kami is a free-to-use tool that can either be accessed via their website or by installing Kami Chrome Extension. This tool grants users access to edit PDFs on-the-fly. What makes this tool a viable option is its editing capabilities. Here is how to get started:

  1. Open the PDF you want to edit and click on the download button to save the copy locally to your computer.
  2. Either go to their website or open the extension in your Google Toolbar. Drag the file or click on the box to open the file you want to be edited.
  3. Edit the file as-is. Use the tools on the left side if needed. Once done, simply export the file either via Google Drive or locally to your hard drive. Click on “Begin Export” to begin the process.

Disclaimer: While Kami is a free PDF editor, it has advanced features that can be unlocked via subscriptions. Whether you need the extra features or not is entirely up to you.

How to Edit PDFs on Chromebook using DocHub

DocHub is a very powerful PDF viewer and editor that comes packed with different annotations and form field tools to help you edit PDFs on Chromebook with ease!

What makes DocHub a highly recommended option is its practicality, accessibility, and convenience. The only downside is that free users will have a limit on what features you can use. The good news is that it replenishes every month. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it:

  1. On the upper left pane, click on “New” or drag and drop the file you need on the right pane. Alternatively, you can right-click files on your Google Drive and then choose Open With-DocHub (when the extension is enabled).
  2. Click, select, or highlight areas that you want to edit. Use the toolbar above to add text(s), sign, add annotations, and more.
  3. Once done, look for the Download/Export on the upper right to finish your document. You can also share the document this way via email if needed.

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How to Edit PDFs on Chromebook using Soda PDF

If you are looking for a comprehensive PDF editor that has all the bells and whistles, then Soda PDF is the one you need. This tool is convenient to use, it works on multiple platforms, and it gets things done without too much tinkering.

The only downside is that this is a subscription-based tool. If you’re curious about how it operates, you can try their free trial on their website. Here’s how to use Soda PDF:

  1. On the website’s home page, open the PDF file you want to edit by pressing “Open”
  2. Once the file has been uploaded, you can pretty much edit everything you need, such as editing, adding e-signatures, cropping, merging, and more.
  3. Once done with the project, simply click on the download button on the top left, and you’re good to go. You can also export and share the file easily using the functions provided.

How to Edit PDFs on Chromebook using SEDJA PDF Editor

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SEDJA PDF editor is another online-based pdf editor that works on multiple platforms. What sets this tool apart is the ability to edit all the texts seen on the page. And unlike other free tools, your project won’t have a watermark.

But just like any other free tools, they have some disadvantages: page limit and hourly access limit. Your tools will be limited (unlockable by subscription, as usual), and there’s a limit for file uploads. If you can live with those problems, then here’s how to use SEDJA PDF Editor:

  1. Upload your files either by dragging and dropping or by grabbing the files from DropBox or Google Drive.
  2. Use the toolbar to make desired changes. Keep in mind that free users will have a limited toolbox.
  3. Once done, save your progress by clicking on “Apply Changes” and hitting “Download” to get the edited PDF document on your computer.

Summary – What’s the best way to Edit PDFs on Chromebook?

If your profession requires you to edit PDFs regularly, then we highly recommend using the paid subscription model. Soda PDF and SEDJA PDF Editor are both great options to begin with. They are the most feature-rich and user-friendly tools that you can get online.

They work great on Chromebooks, and they get the job done with no game-breaking issues.

For casual users, we recommend trying out Google Docs first if the content you want to edit is plain text. If you need more than simple editing, then either use Kami or DocHub for better basic tools.

As always, set your expectations when you edit PDFs on Chromebook using free tools. They are not meant for professional use, and they will only grant you basic features.

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