How to use the Delete button on Chromebook Plus other Cool Features to Learn

You’re probably a first-time Chromebook user and you were wondering if there’s a delete button on Chromebook.

The quick answer is yes, but there’s no dedicated key for it, unlike Windows or Mac. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some details on how to properly do it.

In today’s guide, we’re here to teach you to properly use the delete key, plus other Chrome OS hotkeys that you should take into heart.

These hotkeys will make navigating around your Chromebook such a joy because of how simple yet effective they are.

delete button on chromebook

How to use the delete button on Chromebook

ALT + Backspace

If you’re using a text editor and you want to delete characters to the right, you can press ALT + Backspace to do so.

This function is similar to Windows laptops when using the delete key in text editors.

You can also use this function to delete a file/s from your computer. Just highlight and press the combination.

Alternatively, you can also use the right-click function on your track pad to delete. We prefer the hotkey as it saves time.

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Other Chromebook hotkeys you should know

ALT + Search (Caps Lock)

One of the annoying things about the Chromebook keyboard is the creature comforts you’ve had in another operating system.

Just like the delete button on Chromebook, the keyboard layout doesn’t have an active Caps Lock key.

So, what do ALT + Search do? It gives you the power to search your entire device by using the Chrome OS search window.

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If you’re familiar with the CTRL + ALT + DEL combination from Windows, then you can consider the SHIFT + ESC as its Chrome OS counterpart.

Pressing this combination will launch Task Manager, a function you can use to oversee the activities going around on your device.

CTRL + F5 (Switch Window Key)

Need to take a quick screenshot of your desktop? Press CTRL + F5 or where the “Switch Window” key is located.

If done correctly, you should see a screenshot animation. You can access your screenshot in your Downloads folder.

If you just want to take a portion of your screen, you can use CTRL + SHIFT + F5 or where the “Switch Window” key is located.

If done correctly, you should see a box that you can resize to capture your desired image.

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ALT + 1-8

If you take advantage of the app shelf on your Chrome OS desktop, you would love this. Pressing ALT + 1 to 8 will launch your app instantly. For example, if your Chrome Browser is on the 4th row of the drawer, hitting ALT + 4 will launch your browser.

We highly recommend re-organizing your app shelf so that you can take advantage of the quick launch feature embedded on every Chromebook.

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CTRL + ALT + /(?)

If you need a quick cheat sheet to see the most common hotkeys on your Chromebook, then use the CTRL + ALT + / key combination to see all the available keyboard shortcuts for your device.

Do take note that some shortcuts might be for newer Chromebooks so be sure to try them all out.

delete button on Chromebook plus more hotkeys
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In Closing

We hope that you not only learned how to use the delete button on Chromebook, but also other Chromebook tips and tricks along the way.

We encourage newbies and casual users to take advantage of these hotkeys for easier navigation and control.

If you feel like your Chromebook is nearing its end, be sure to check out our tech roundup for highly recommended laptops to buy.

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