How To Do A Chromecast Factory Reset

Chromecast is a portable device that you can connect to your TV. This allows you to play internet videos when the Chromecast is connected online to the Google Home App. Basically, the Google Home App allows you to navigate through the Chromecast as you see the HUD on the TV. There are those that want to perform a Chromecast factory reset when they need to.

Before we go to the actual methods, keep in mind that there are two variations of the Chromecast. The first generation looks like a basic USB, and the second generation looks round with a USB port. There are cables that come along with them where they can be connected to the TV.

Anyway, regardless if you have the first or second generation, the same steps can work.

chromecast factory reset

Steps in Performing a Chromecast Factory Reset

Step 1

There is a button located on Chromecast. Hold that button and you’ll see a blinking light that is colored red or orange. Hold the button for around 10 seconds or more until the blinking light turns white. When that happens, this gives you the sign that the Chromecast has been reset.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do now is set up your Chromecast after the reset. Plug the Chromecast to your TV. Then choose the port where it is attached, where you will then see the HUD.

Step 3

If you haven’t downloaded Google Home yet, then install that on your mobile device. You can even put it for your iPhone or iPad. The trick here is that you also need to connect your Apple device via Bluetooth to your Chromecast.

Step 4

Launch the Google Home app and it will find the nearest Chromecast device. This is why you need to have Bluetooth turned on when you’re using an Apple device. When your Chromecast is connected to your device, you need to do the basic setup. You can change the name of the device or just keep it as it is.  

Step 5

Now that everything is finished, simply stream a video on your mobile device and you’ll see the broadcast icon on your screen. Click on the broadcast icon and the video on your mobile device will then play on the TV. Now that you successfully performed a Chromecast factory reset, you can enjoy your videos on your HD TV.

A few tips you can use

Always make sure you buy original Chromecast devices. You may be tricked when you buy some Chromecast devices that aren’t actually original. That’s because they may end up not working well. Another thing is that it doesn’t matter if you use the first or second-generation models. The second generation has some nice perks to it, but whatever works for you is all good.

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