How To Fix When Chromebook Won’t Turn On

A Google Chromebook is a nice piece of equipment that you can use. When you’re not using it for heavy-duty activities, you can use it for simply browsing the internet and doing some mild office work and more.

However, there could be an instance when your Chromebook won’t turn on; let’s walk you through the solutions, and continue reading.

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Fixing your Chromebook When It Fails to Turn on

It is a case that may cause panic, especially when the Chromebook isn’t damaged or hasn’t been used for that long. Don’t worry, as these are the things that you can do to fix the problem.

When your Chromebook doesn’t turn on, you can do one good thing hold the Refresh and Power button based on the image above for 10 seconds. When you turn on the Chromebook, the power button is what you press anyway.

If the screen is black or white, check the light on the left side or, depending on the unit, if the light is on.

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This means that the unit is on, but there’s something wrong. What you need to do is simply press the two buttons that we mentioned. The screen will turn off again, and this time turn it on again and see if the trick worked.

Chromebook won't turn on

Other factors that might affect why your Chromebook won’t turn on

When you press those two buttons, and it still won’t turn on, then try charging it. Turn off the Chromebook first, so check the power light if it is no longer turned, which signifies that it is turned off.

Try plugging the charger and see if the charging light turns on. If the unit is charging, then let it charge for 15 to 30 minutes. Once the time elapses, turn on the Chromebook because the case could have been the unit lacked sufficient battery power.

Is Your Chromebook Charging?

If the unit isn’t charging, you can try and find another outlet to see if it charges. If you have access to another charger, you can try using that.

You can determine if the charger is the problem and if it still doesn’t charge, then you may need to consult the technician about it. Those are the fields you have to cover when your Chromebook doesn’t turn on.

In closing

Just remember, if your Chromebook doesn’t turn on, you can do the refresh and power button trick. If that doesn’t work, check the chargers, and if all else fails, have a technician check on it.

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