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How to Change Language in Google Chrome on Android and PC

Google Chrome is one of the best, and favorite web browser in the world and every internet user knows what Google Chrome is and how it works.

Chrome supports plenty of languages, and it automatically detects your country’s language when installed.

But sometimes the default language could change; maybe you or someone mistakenly changed it without noticing. If in that case, you need to know the ways on how to change the language in Google Chrome.

On Android devices, Google Chrome is installed by default, but on iOS devices and desktop computers, you have to install it manually.

Choose the appropriate method according to your device on switching the default language of your Google Chrome browser.

Change Google Chrome Language on PC

How to change Chrome Language on Computer
Step 1: Open Chrome browser

Step 2: Click menu on the top right

Step 3: Select Settings

Step 4: Click Advanced

Step 5: In the languages section, choose to remove or add your desired language.

Note: The same steps apply for both Mac and Windows Chrome browsers. After following the steps above, you must close and relaunch Google Chrome to make it work.

Change Google Chrome Language on Android

Method to change Google Chrome language on Android
Step 1: On your Android phone or tablet, go to Search Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and find the “Language in Google Products” or “Language of Search Results” and select the appropriate language.

Step 3: Click on Save to save the changes.

Note: Almost the same steps are also applied to iOS devices.


Changing the Google Chrome brower’s language is easy but in some cases, can be complicated if you don’t know what to click after the default language settings have changed to another unfamiliar language, for example, Chinese.

Google’s preferences settings is also a handy tool to change Google product’s language, including what is shown in the search results.

After saving, the saved settings are available whenever you sign in on any Google products such as Chrome.

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