Bloxburg School Test Answers – All 30 Questions Answered for School Trophy!

Wanna be one of  Bloxburg’s smarty pants? Worry not; we have the Bloxburg School Test Answers, so you can get that Bloxburg School Trophy! 

Read on to get your hands on the answers and learn everything you need to know about the Bloxburg test.

Leveling up the idea of virtual role-play, Bloxburg does not only allow you to design and construct your dream house, and vehicles, have work, and hang out with friends.

But also gives you a place where you can exercise your critical thinking. The game allowed its players to go to school and take the Bloxburg Tests.

How Bloxburg School Test Answers Works?

The Bloxburg Test is designed to fuel the competitive spirits of the players of the game.

And if you happen to be one of them, here is the necessary information that you need to learn to pass the test and swipe the trophy for yourself.

 Bloxburg School Test Answers

Initially, eligible takes of the test must be a child character. Luckily, Bloxburg allows its players not just to stay as one character but can shift into whatever stage of life they want to be.

Dress up as a Schoolboy/Schoolgirl

Before anything else, make sure to dress up as a schoolboy/schoolgirl before heading to school to take the test.

You can head over to your dresser and change into a child or visit a Stylez hairdresser for the perfect school kid appearance.

Players that do not pass the school-age requirement cannot unlock the in-game test.

Answer Random Sets of Questions

Out of 30 questions, random sets of 10 questions are only given, which are proven to be quite tricky.

For you to be able to achieve the Bloxburg School Trophy item, you must pass it.

Now, you don’t need to be pressured because the questions given are nothing to be afraid of.

We are here to give you the Bloxburg School Test Answers, not just to help you pass but ace it! 

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How to Pass the Bloxburg Test And Get The Bloxburg School Trophy?

Technically, reviewing is a necessary method for passing any exam, may it be in reality or in role-play.

However, as humans who believe in the idea of working smarter, not harder, we tend to find the short route to our success.

The reason why this article is made is for you to gain as much necessary information for a brief moment. 

You Can’t Skip a Question

In order to pass your test, skipping questions is a forbidden method. Take note that the trophies are only given to those who can complete and pass the test.

To avoid failing the test, let’s avoid the guessing games and start your review by browsing the table below.

All questions are listed in the table along with the correct answers, and all you have to do is go over the following school test questions and familiarize yourself with everything to ace your test. 

Bloxburg School Test Answers List

What year was Bloxburg released?2014
How deep is the Bloxburg cave?Too deep
How long is the Bloxburg highway?Too long
How many benches are in Bloxburg?Too many
How many bricks are on city hall?3000
How many food items are on the shelves of BFF?3000
How many hair product bottles are at Stylez?88
How many mailboxes are in Bloxburg?12
How many materials can be mined in the Bloxburg cave?5
How many hair product bottles are at Stylez?88
How many mailboxes are in Bloxburg?12
How many materials can be mined in the Bloxburg cave?5
How many parking spots are available in the parking garage?82
How many planks of wood are at Lovely Lumber?2000
How many species of fish can be caught via fishing?5
How many sprinkles are on Ben’s Ice Cream?51
How many streetlights are in Bloxburg?51
How many trees are on the map?Too Many
How much water is in the river?Too Much
How tall is the Bloxburg mountain?Too Tall
Spell “Bloxburg” backwardgrubxolb
What is the circumference of the beach Ferris wheel?50
What is the name of the holiday elf?Elf
What is the number of treadmills in the gym?12
What is the population of Bloxburg?50
What is the price of a Bloxy Meal?8
What is the price of an oil change at Mike’s Motors?Free
What planet is the Observatory telescope viewing currently?Moon
Calculate 5 – 8 + 4 =1
Calculate 6 * 7 / 2 =21

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bloxburg School Trophy?

The Bloxburg School Trophy is a beautiful decorative item that adds charm to any user’s home.

While it doesn’t have a specific purpose, it’s perfect for sprucing up your living space.

How do you take the Bloxburg test?

Make sure to dress appropriately as a schoolboy or schoolgirl. Access your dresser and choose child attire to achieve the ideal school kid look.

If necessary, you can visit a Stylez hairdresser for a suitable hairstyle.

It’s important to note that players who do not meet the school-age requirement will not be able to access the in-game test.

How much is the Bloxburg School Trophy worth?

The Bloxburg School Trophy costs $1,500 Money, but the game does not allow players to either sell or buy this item.

It can only be obtained by passing the Bloxburg School Test. 

Will they add a school to Bloxburg?

The new version of Bloxburg is expected to have a school building in the middle of the city where players are allowed to role-play as teachers or students.

The first school appearance was the April fools attack, but the real school building is yet to come.


With all the Bloxburg School Test Answers, we expect that you now have all the information you need to ace the test.

This article covered the existing questions as of today’s date. The list may be subject to change following the Bloxburg updates. So, stay tuned for more info! 

For more Bloxburg and Roblox gems, make sure to bookmark and visit GameGrinds often. You can also comment on any questions you may have below.

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