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How To Block YouTube On Chromebook

Your kids can have the best Chromebook around and the site that they will probably use frequently would be YouTube. The site can offer a lot of entertaining things for your kids to look at.

However, there can also be some content on YouTube that you don’t want your kids to find out about. Don’t worry as you can block YouTube on Chromebook so that your kids can stay safe.

There can be numerous methods, but at the end of the day, our goal is to keep the kids safe from harmful content. We can’t always monitor our kids, so it is best to block Youtube from time to time.

Plus, if the kids use the Chromebook for studying and you don’t want the kids to be distracted. That’s why blocking Youtube from time to time can be ideal.

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How you can block YouTube on Chromebook

Using an Extension to block YouTube

An extension is something that you can install in your Google Chrome web launcher. Extensions have different functions and the one we’re looking for is an extension that will block websites like YouTube.

Step 1
Go to Chrome Webstore where you can download Extensions because presumably you don’t have one yet that will block websites.

Step 2
Now that you are at the site, type the words BLOCK WEBSITES, WEBSITE BLOCKER, or other words similar to that. You will then see a plethora of extensions that you can download and install on your Chromebook.

block Youtube on Chromebook

Step 3
If you look at the image, the results are on the right. You can take a look at the different extensions. There could be something that you want to use.

block Youtube on Chromebook

Step 4
Click on your Site Blocker of choice and click on Add to Chrome. Just wait for the download and installation to finish and your site blocker extension is ready to go.

block Youtube on Chromebook

Step 5
Click on Extensions and you see all the extensions you have on your Chrome launcher.


Step 6
Depending on the extension you download, it will be easy to navigate. Just type the Youtube home page which is www.youtube.com and any link that is under that will be completely blocked.

Simply unblock the site when you want your child to access Youtube again if you don’t want to block Youtube on Chromebook for the time being.


A couple of things to consider

There are also some extensions that have features where you can block YouTube for a specific time. Let’s say you want to block Youtube on your Chromebook from 6 PM to 8 PM because your child will be doing homework. That can be possible without the need to constantly block and unblock the site.

One other thing is that you can set a password on the extension that only you should know. This will prevent kids from unblocking the extension on their own. Don’t underestimate the kids today because they know how to deal with these problems. Just put in a password when needed.

The site blocker can also be used for more than just Youtube. If you don’t want your kids to access other sites, then just put the URL of the site on the blocker. It doesn’t have a limit so you can place as many sites on the site blocker extension if needed.

In closing

Now that you know how to block YouTube on Chromebook, you can keep your kids safe from harmful content without the need to monitor them all the time. Always make sure that the kids didn’t tamper with the site blocker whenever they are done using it.

It’s essential to block YouTube if you want to ensure that your children are safe when using their Chromebooks. It’s a simple procedure, let us know what you think of this precautionary measure – do you believe all parents should take it?

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    • kids are smarter nowadays, in that case. Another effective method is to blacklist Youtube on router’s settings.


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