5 Best Video Players For Chromebook

Watching videos has become a crucial part of our everyday routine. As Chromebooks have gained popularity for their lightweight and versatile features, people are always looking for the best video players to enhance their viewing experience.

To make things easier for you, we have shortlisted the top 5 video players for Chromebook that guarantee smooth playback, a user-friendly interface, and support for various file formats.

You can trust that these players will meet all your entertainment needs with ease and efficiency.

Keep reading to find the perfect video player for your Chromebook and take your multimedia experience to the next level.

5 Best Video Players for Google Chromebook

1. VLC Media Player

VLC, best video player for Chromebook

One of the most extensively used media players for computers, including the Google Chromebook, is the VLC media player.

If your model of Chromebook doesn’t already have VLC installed, you can quickly download it from the official website.

One of VLC’s biggest characteristics is its ability to play a variety of video formats. It also offers a ton of other capabilities and is entirely free.

2. Kodi


Kodi can have the basic features of a media player, being able to play video and audio files. Kodi can also play and showcase images and photos in your Chromebook.

What makes Kodi better is that it can have the features of a Smart TV. Basically, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows on your Kodi.

There are plugins and features that allow you to arrange and play these things easily. Plus, Kodi is a free media player that you can download and use.

3. MX Player

MX Player

Another good and free media player that you can download from the Google Playstore would be the MX Player.

It has the features that you need, like being able to play videos, have subtitle features, effects, and others.

It also has a kid safety feature that prevents the young from accessing and playing content you don’t want them to have.

MX Player also allows you to zoom in and out of the video that you are watching and it can be a part of the 5 best video players for Chromebook.

4. Archos Video Player


The Archos Video Player has the features you want, and it has a very clean looking HUD and interface.

You can access your library of videos, TV shows, movies, and more. The Archos can have features that will allow it to connect to your TV.

It is also usable for other devices that can run on Android or other Google OS. Once again, it is free to download and use on your Chromebook.

5. CnX Player

CnX Player

The CnX player can be available through the Google Playstore and it also has its own site where you can download the player.

That’s because it is compatible with other systems as well. It can play videos, movies, TV shows, music, and other applicable media files.

It is free as well, so that’s another good thing about it. It also has the capability to play 4K resolution, although that can also be a con because some Chromebook may not be able to handle the feature.


When it comes to video players for Chromebook, the options are endless.

However, if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, look no further. The top five contenders are VLC Media Player, Kodi, MX Player, Archos Video Player, and CnX Player.

Each player brings a unique set of features to the table, ensuring something for everyone. And the best part? They’re all free to download.

So go ahead, take your pick and start enjoying your favourite videos on your Chromebook today.

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