3 Best TAQ 56 Loadout in Modern Warfare 2

A handful of gamers have been wondering about the best TAQ 56 loadout MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) Season 05 and whether they are good enough to be used for ranked matches.

The quick answer: A resounding YES! In fact, we’re going to give you three amazing builds for this accurate rifle.

image of the taq-56

Sure, it may not be as devastating as the damage range of the Kastov 762, but with the correct loadout, it has the potential to drop enemies with a few bullets. It’s also one of the most accurate weapons out there.

How do you unlock this magnificent weapon, you might ask? Read more below to find out how. 

Spoiler alert: It’s very easy to obtain but expect to grind once you have it unlocked.

MW2 TAQ-56 Loadout Guide – How to Unlock This Powerful Rifle

Before we discuss the different loadout setups available for the TAQ-56, let’s first talk about how to unlock the weapon in-game.

The fastest method is to level up your player to level 19. This can easily be done by playing matchmaking games.

Once you have unlocked the TAQ-56, this is where the real challenge starts.

For starters, you would have to start grinding some more to unlock all the perks and attachments you would need. The good news is that the max weapon level is around level 20. 

Pro-Tip: We highly recommend finishing the daily missions for the added XP boosts along the way. Playing alternative game modes can also help you level up faster.

Top 3 MW2 Best TAQ-56 Loadout Setups for Season 05

Now that you have successfully unlocked your TAQ-56 and all the necessary attachments, you can finally experiment with the best TAQ 56 loadout MW2.

Here are some of the best load-outs from the community.

Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2 – META Build

Image of Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2 meta

Dubbed as the MW2 Best TAQ-56 loadout by the community, this build brings out the versatility and effectiveness of the assault rifle in many ways.

It focuses on destructive power, excellent fire rate, and an amazing balance of recoil.


  • Devastating damage
  • Adequate horizontal and vertical recoil control
  • Deadly accurate in mid-range


  • Accurate but with an ADS penalty
  • Accuracy in long-range is dependent on your skill
  • Mobility is below-average

Pro-Tip: Needs muzzle tuning (Recoil Smoothness +68 oz, Bullet Velocity +0.61 inches)

Zero Recoil – Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2

image of Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2 with no recoil

This build focuses on aim stability and recoil control but with a performance hit when it comes to your overall mobility.

Overall, this is the best TAQ 56 loadout MW2 for Season 05 especially if you enjoy mid-range and long-range battles. 


  • Remarkable time-to-kill stats
  • Excellent horizontal and vertical recoil control
  • Accurate on all ranges


  • Mobility is not the strongest suit
  • Sprint-to-fire is slower compared to other builds
  • Below-average ADS speed

Pro-Tip: Underbarrel tuning is very important for this build. Be sure to focus on Aiming Idle Stability at +0.29 inches, and recoil stabilization at +0.44 oz

Minimal Recoil – Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2

image of the Best TAQ 56 Loadout MW2 no recoil with mobility

As the name suggests, this assault rifle build gives you minimal recoil but with more mobility. This is perfect for sprint-to-fire situations thanks to a far quicker ADS speed.

While it’s still not quite as fast as the other battle rifles, the difference is still noticeable enough to give you a fighting chance in close quarters.


  • Faster ADS speed
  • Very controllable horizontal and vertical recoil control
  • Faster mobility


  • Mobility is still below average compared to other rifles
  • Sprint-to-fire can be inaccurate at times
  • Not the best weapon in close-quarters

Pro-Tip: Underbarrel tuning needed (Aiming Idle Stability at +0.29 inches, and recoil stabilization at +0.44 oz)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions concerning the effectiveness and accuracy of the TAQ-56 in Season 05.

We’ll do our best to answer the most common questions that haven’t been answered yet. Let’s get on with it.

What’s so special about the TAQ-56?

While there are tons of assault rifles you can choose from, there’s a reason that the TAQ 56 is one of the most popular weapons in the game.

Aside from it’s very easy to unlock, it’s also a top-tier choice for players who are looking for a gun with amazing recoil control. It’s one of the easiest weapons to use.

Is it okay to sacrifice ADS speed for accuracy? 

It really boils down to your style of play. The greater majority of TAQ-56 users would rather have slower ADS speed in exchange for devastating damage and accuracy in mid-range and long-range targets.

Others prefer to have a shorter barrel to make themselves more agile. Which one are you?

How does the TAQ-56 compare to the M4?

The M4 is arguably one of the best assault rifles for beginners.

However, as you gain more experience and confidence with your accuracy, we find that the TAQ-56 is far more rewarding in terms of damage range, bullet velocity, and overall versatility.


Congratulations on finally unlocking the best TAQ 56 loadout in MW2 builds for season 05! 

Be sure to mix and match these load-outs to find the balance between mobility and destructive power, bullet velocity and damage range, and many more. 

How about you? Which build do you find the most rewarding to use? Which one do you think needs a little more tinkering?

Do you have a certain loadout that we haven’t discussed yet? Be sure to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to feature your build!

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