10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods to Download for 2023

Humans are designed to live in harmony with other creatures, especially animals. There’s just something about them that makes our world a bit better to live in. Of course, the same goes for Minecraft.

However, it goes without saying that some animals are downright terrifying. And just as the human world requires animals for a healthy ecosystem, so does Minecraft. Because let’s be honest, it gets tiring to constantly see pixelated human faces.

10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods

Minecraft Animal Mods

Players can always take advantage of an additional incentive, thanks to these modifications. Keep reading, and you might spot something in our Top 10 Minecraft Animal Mods.

If you’re one of those people who’s always looking for a little more flare or glitter in the wildlife of Minecraft’s environment.

1. Fossils and Archeology Revival

Fossils and Archeology Revival

If we have to suppose, ruins and extinct creatures share a similar appeal in the fact they both give us a glimpse into what life would have been like for common people who might have been like us in the past. The opportunity to bring back “dead” animals from history is possible, of course, since this is Minecraft.

The skeletal structures, DNA, and tools used to determine what kind of dinosaur you’re trying to recreate are all included in the Fossils and Archaeology Revival mod. These elements are taken from reality or at least a close approximation of it.

Most importantly, nobody would call you out for being a fake scientist. After all, chaos is simply a characteristic of the game world.

2. CrocoDucks


What exactly is a “CrocoDuck”, you ask? Well, it’s an attempt that has been made by a modder to create a crocodile and duck hybrid.

The crocoduck attacks everyone it sees, with the possible exception of the chicken, which is probably its closest living relative in terms of evolution. This is in line with their real-life animal counterparts.

Since all water birds are huge jerks, the Untitled Goose Game has taught us that. That is the key lesson to remember, right?

3. Quintessential Creatures

Quintessential Creatures

What makes this mod, so “quintessential” is a mystery to even us.

Is it because every adventure must include a turtle and a creature with tentacles? Let’s just take that further, shall we?

If anything, this mod at least proves one thing: it’s impossible to play through Minecraft without any of these animals in the environment once you’ve downloaded this pack.

4. More Nature

More Nature

There are some animals in Minecraft that are not intended for killing. They exist to make the world more beautiful, just like in real life! What could possibly be more admirable than that?

Crickets, centipedes, lizards, fish, whales, and other species that won’t absolutely endanger you are among the “definitely-not-mobs” in Minecraft that are included in the More Nature patch. But this is definitely an excellent opportunity for you to start experimenting with your idea of a wildlife sanctuary.

5. Mystical World

Mystical World

We’re not certain why the modder who created Mystical World chose the name as they did with Quintessential Creatures. Not that we’re unhappy; it’s actually very sweet. This mod is a must-download if you’re looking for additional animal diversity!

With this mod pack, you can expect foxes and deer in addition to sprouts and silkworms. We suppose this mod is for everyone who wants to experience some Arthurian or medieval legends. Hey, if it works, it works!

6. Animal Crops

Animal Crops

Why shouldn’t mobs be bred if people breed animals and plants for nourishment? Even just for the opportunity to attack something when we’re bored.

Using the Animal Crops mod, you can literally scatter seeds on grass and watch them grow—the ultimate alternative to fighting animals!

You can’t possibly be telling me that by leaving out the, eh, birds-and-bees stuff, the modder just came up with a PG way to portray breeding.

7. Inventory Pets

Inventory Pets

Does it seem like Minecraft contains Pokemon clones as well? Well, not exactly. For starters, you can’t put your creatures in a fight to see who can be the best that has ever existed.

You receive gameplay benefits like movement increases, climbing, flight, and all of the other crafting bonuses with the Inventory Pets mod, which is something that is even better. You can gain access to a mob’s abilities by simply assigning them to a “pet” in your hotbar.

8. Animania


More animals to view in your game—what could be better?

The Animania mod enhances the inert creatures in your Minecraft world by allowing you to direct their development and behavior. You can add new and different animal breeds and species and even create unique behaviors for each.

9. Craftable Animals

Craftable Animals

Naturally, you’ll want to have a faster means of summoning mobs in addition to animals, don’t you think?

By firing an arrow and watching the creatures grow, the Craftable Animals mod enables you to create every mob species in Minecraft. Players also have the choice of growing or decreasing creatures with the minimizer tool provided by this mod. Pretty awesome, huh?

10. LotsOMobs


The final mob on the list is the one for gamers who want to have it all.

A total of 25 new mobs are being added to the base game, including various bird, fish, mammal, and even prehistoric creature species. Whenever one of these enemies is attacked, it drops a special item.

The real kicker? Every animal that you come across gets to be your ride! You should behave like a world ruler if you want to be crowned king or queen.


Hopefully, this list will quench your thirst if you’re looking for animal-focused mods. There’s just something about animals that pique our interest as humans. We suppose animals serve as a type of reminder that being kind entails more than just getting something in return for a compassionate gesture.

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