Blox Fruits: What Is the Best Fighting Style for Buddha?

Do you want to make the most out of your Buddha fruit? What is the best fighting style for Buddha?

Let’s answer this question once and for all!

Best Fighting Style for Buddha

The Buddha Fruit is one of the most coveted legendary fruits in Blox Fruits because of its well-balanced offensive and defensive potential.

Buddha is also insanely good at grinding and clearing raids. With its insane range and damage reduction, you can easily breeze through mobs of NPCs, even those who use Aura.

This fruit is infamous for its ability to enhance a user’s fighting style and sword combat capabilities.

With that said, what is the best fighting style for  Buddha? Find out the best combination for this OP fruit and everything else you need to know with our guide!

5 Best Fighting Styles for Buddha in Blox Fruits

5. Godhuman

Best Fighting Style for Buddha - godhuman

Godhuman is the upgraded version of the Superhuman fighting style and it can be obtained in the third sea.

It provides decent damage with its M1 attacks and is quite viable for AFK grinding. Godhuman also comes with pretty nice abilities that are useable with Buddha as well. 

Soaring Beast is good for movement. Heaven and Earth offers some nice long-range damage with a quick projectile and an AOE explosion option if you hold it down. Six Realm Gun adds a little more damage and mobility.

Godhuman definitely earns its place in this list, but it’s nowhere near the title of best fighting style for Buddha.

And because of how difficult it is to obtain (you need 400 mastery on all fighting styles except Sanguine Art), this is ranked lower than the next one.

4. Dragon Talon

Best Fighting Style for Buddha - dragon talon
Credit: Uzoth YT

Dragon Talon is the upgrade of Dragon Breathe and can be obtained from Uzoth in the Third Sea.

This is a pretty strong fighting style in its own right, with some similarities to the Flame Fruit. But when paired with Buddha, it’s even better.

The M1s of this fighting style are a double-edged sword. The problem is you move forward on some basic attacks and this can be quite annoying when grinding.

However, it more than makes up for it with the insane amount of damage it deals.

The abilities are also strong with Talon Lighter being a mobility skill. Ember Annihilation deals a ton of damage with a single press of a button.

Infernal Vortex offers decent damage with a little charge-up time. However, it knocks back enemies when you are grinding.

Overall, Dragon Talon is a solid choice for Buddha fruit users.

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3. Electric Claw

Best Fighting Style for Buddha - electric claw
Credit: Jducky YT

Electric Claw is learned in the Third Sea through the NPC Previous Hero. This is the upgrade to its predecessor Electric.

This fighting style is almost tied with Dragon Talon and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of synergy with Buddha.

Electric Claw also moves you forward when doing M1s. But it’s not as bad as Dragon Breathe where you almost lunge forward.

With repetition, you can get used to it, but its strength lies in the combination of great mobility and decent damage.

All of its abilities are movement skills, so it’s perfect for players who like to move around a lot.

If you’re a Zenitsu fan, you’ll also love this fighting style. So, whether you prefer better mobility or more damaging abilities, the choice is up to you.

2. Sharkman Karate

Best Fighting Style for Buddha - sharkman karate
Credit: ICanDefeatYouLoL YT

Sharkman Karate is the evolution of Water Kungfu and can be learned in the Second Sea from Daigrock.

For the Buddha fruit, this is one of the go-to fighting styles because of its exceptional performance.

With powerful damage, great range, decent mobility, and insane AOE, it’s undeniably a top contender for the best Buddha fighting styles.

First off, the Twelve Water Palms is a pretty handy mobility skill as it can instantly boost you to a target direction.

The Pressure Vortex and Great Sea Soear are great AOE abilities that offer some extra range as well. 

But the best thing about Sharkman Karate is its M1s. It has infinite M1s and offers the fastest basic attack among all fighting styles.

It doesn’t even have a cooldown on the 4th click. This is exactly what Buddha Fruit users need.

Not to mention that it is obtainable earlier than other fighting styles in this list. Sharkman Karate is perfect for Buddha fruit. No debate.

But why is it only number two?

1. Sanguine Art

Best Fighting Style for Buddha - sanguine art
Credit: PlayBall YT

The answer is here: Sanguine Art- the last obtainable fighting style in the entire game.

Sanguine Art is at the pinnacle of all fighting styles in the game, and it goes perfectly with the Buddha Fruit. Its raw power makes it the best fighting style for Buddha in Blox Fruits.

The M1s on this thing are ridiculous and almost broken. They are infinite and also one of the fastest in the game and they deal an insane amount of damage, way more than Sharksman Karate.

Even just by spamming your basic attacks in Buddha form, you will vanquish the toughest NPCs in the game without even using your abilities.

But its skills are pretty useful. With Scarlet Tear offering some extra range and coverage and Devourer of Worlds doing damage twice.

It is the most dominant fighting style and would be OP when paired with Buddha.

Best Fighting Styles for Buddha Fruit: FAQs

Is Water Kungfu good for Buddha?

Water Kungfu is one of the decent options for Buddha, however it is nowhere near the top 5.

While you do move forward when performing M1s, it is infinite with minimal lagging, which is pretty good for Buddha.

If you don’t have Shaksman Karate yet, this one is pretty useful.

Is Dark Step good for Buddha?

Dark Step is awful for Buddha. While it has some nice AOE moves, you can’t really hit anything with them during your Buddha transformation.

Only the last ability can hit NPCs and the M1s are kinda meh, so we don’t recommend this one to Buddha users.

Is Sharkman Karate good for Buddha?

Sharkman Karate can be a god-tier style when paired with Buddha. Its infinite M1s that deal a high amount of damage are twice as effective in Buddha form.

Its abilities are also pretty helpful and you get to have the fastest basic attack of all fighting styles.

Is Dragon Breath good for Buddha?

Based on experience, this is probably the worst fighting style for Buddha.

The M1s of Dragon Breathe literally jolts you forward, making it extremely hard and annoying for grinding.

Its abilities also suck because you can’t hit anything with them and they deal low damage. Avoid this fighting style for Buddha Fruit users, unless you want to learn Dragon Talon.


Those are the top 5 best fighting styles for Buddha fruits users in Blox fruits.

To sum it all up, Sharksman Karate is your best option that is obtainable earlier, but when you have access to Sanguine Art, you better switch to it.

Avoid Dragon Breathe and Death Step to be an effective Buddha user.

What about you? Do you have a preferred fighting style for this powerful fruit?

Tell us your take on this in the comments section below. 

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