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Best Emulators for GameCube

The Nintendo Gamecube was released back in 2001 and has sold over 30 million units. It is Nintendo’s fourth console ushering in the sixth generation of gaming.

That also means that emulators were made for the Gamecube. Before we proceed to the best emulators for Gamecube that you can download and use. Let’s have a little history lesson with the Gamecube.

Unlike its competition back then, the sales were still good enough for Gamecube to continue on.

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It was unfortunate to go up against the Xbox and the Playstation 2. That’s because the PS2 remains to be the highest-selling console today.

Best emulators for GameCube

The top Gamecube Emulators to use

The Gamecube was also Nintendo’s first console to use a disc as the game’s form compared to cartridges in the past. That being said, here are the best Gamecube emulators that you can use.

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#1 Dolphin

Dolphin GameCube Emulator

To start our top Gamecube emulators list is the Dolphin emulator, which is available for Windows, Mac Os, and even Android. Like the other emulators on this top Gamecube emulators list, you need a PC or device that is capable of handling it.

The games on the Gamecube aren’t as light as you would think. Dolphin is considered to be the best Gamecube emulator today.

It has five-star reviews, and the emulation can be smooth depending on your device.

It has several settings that you can tinker with, ensuring you have the best frame rates for your gaming experience.

In fact, Dolphin can even run some Wii games, but it goes back to how strong your device is, considering that Wii is a seventh-generation console.

You will need a Wiimote for some games that require it. Another thing is that the Dolphin emulator can also run at 4K after you do some adjustments yourself.

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#2 SuperGCube

Super Game Cube

The SuperGCube is a decent enough emulator for Gamecube. One downside is that it is only available for Windows.

Another downside is that the emulator hasn’t received any updates and has been presumed to be abandoned by its creator.

Regardless, it can run decently on any PC or laptop that is able to support it. It may lack some of the features from Dolphin, but it is worth a shot trying anyway.

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#3 WhineCube


To finish off our top Gamecube emulators list would be the Whinecube. Much like the SuperGCube, the Whinecube is only for Windows and has gotten roughly around three-star reviews from users. It hasn’t gotten any updates as well.

While it can run, it can suffer from frame rate drops. The unfortunate thing is that the Whinecube does fit the bill for third place because the other Gamecube emulators just can’t hack it.

Click here to find out more about Whinecube.

In closing

There are only three emulators rounding off our top Gamecube emulators. The Gamecube was a tricky console to emulate.

This was around the time that consoles were getting stronger, and an emulator for the Gamecube was a bit harder to program.

Regardless, it has a good amount of emulators, but at the end of the day, you only need one.

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