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10 Best Chromebook Sleeves for 2022

A Chromebook sleeve or case is something that people use to cover their Chromebook units. Think about those phones and gadgets that have a protective casing around their items. The best Chromebook sleeves can be used to protect your unit from a plethora of things. One thing is that it helps protect your Chromebook from damages. When your unit is inside the sleeve, it is tucked away as it would be in the bag.

If the unit falls down when it is inside the sleeve, it wouldn’t be damaged. A sleeve can also protect the unit from getting wet, but that depends on how much liquid penetrates the sleeve. The other thing is that some materials used for the sleeves can be more than just the usual ones. You can buy those that are made of certain fibers, leather, plastic, and others. Buying the right sleeve for your needs is ideal.

A Couple of the Best Chromebook Sleeves

01) ProCase Sleeve

A good sleeve to have because it is made with environmentally friendly materials. It looks good and feels good and can come along with multiple colors of choice if you buy it online. The sleeve can cover around a 13 x 9.5 x 1.25 inch Chromebook or other laptops. It has multiple pockets in case you want to slip something in. The sleeve is also available in 12.9, 13.5, 15.6-inch sizes.

02) V Voova

Don’t let the name fool you because this sleeve is good and versatile. You can put your Chromebook with a measurement of 12.6 x 8.8 x 0.8 inside it. It has multiple pockets and sections where you can put in some of your items like earphones, USBs, and other things. The fabric is also made to be resistant to water, and it feels good.

03) Nacuwa Hardshell

The Nacuwa Hardshell is interesting because the outer shell makes it look like it is made of plastic, but it isn’t. It is made with a special fiber capable of withstanding shock and numerous drops to keep your unit safe. There are numerous pockets for your use, and the case can cover units around 12 to 13 inches in size.

04) Lymmax Sleeve

This sleeve can cover units with a size of 13.5 x 9.5 x 0.71 inches. It has an interesting design to it in case you’re looking for more than just a sleeve for your Chromebook. It has a shockproof feature and is repellent to water which makes it all the more appealing.

05) OMOTON Sleeve

The OMOTON Sleeve looks like an envelope, but this is enough to cover and protect your Chromebooks. The material used to make this sleeve is synthetic leather and poly-carbonate. The sleeve is resistant to water and can cover units around 14 to 15 inches. You can also use the sleeve as a platform for you to use when you use your Chromebook for typing.

06) Evecase Diamond Foam

This one is worthy of being one of the best Chromebook sleeves. In fact, it can cover laptops over the size of 15 inches. The sleeve itself looks nice as it looks like it has diamond spikes peeking out. Those things help protect the item inside from shock as the foam is thick enough to absorb even the strongest of falls. It is easy to carry around, and it has a strap that you can use to wrap it around your arms while carrying.

07) Tomtoc 360

One of the things that the Tomtoc 360 boasts is that it has a patented feature which is the CornerArmor Patent. This adds added protection on the corners of the unit where they are a bit reinforced but not to a point where it negates the purpose. It can cover units around 13 inches and can have sections for your other items and accessories. It can come in monotone colors or with some designs.

08) Egiant Water Repellent Sleeve

The name itself says it all and that this sleeve is a water repellent type. It can withstand water as long as the sleeve is securely closed. The sleeve is made from stretchable material, which is perfect and convenient for carrying around. It has a ton of pockets and sections where you can put the rest of your Chromebook accessories.

09) Lacdo 360

The Lacdo 360 can cover Chromebooks and other laptops around 14 inches. It has a 360-degree shockproof lining to protect the unit inside. It is also resistant to water, and the material is thick enough to cover the crucial parts. The other thing is that there is just something fashionable when it comes to how this sleeve looks hence making it one of the best Chromebook sleeves.

10) Inatek 13

The Inatek 13 can cover units around 13 inches. It is surrounded by multiple layers of environmentally friendly materials. The layers help prevent shocks and bumps from damaging the unit inside. It is also resistant to numerous liquids and has compartments and pockets in different parts of the sleeve itself. It is easy to hand carry and has the style to pull it off.

In Closing

Chromebook sleeves are available in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. Make sure the sleeve you purchase provides the functionality you require, such as a charging pocket or adequate cushioning to safeguard your device. We’ve shown you a few of our favorites, but there are lots more to choose from. What kind of Chromebook sleeve do you have at the moment, and which Chromebook Sleeves from the list capture your heart?

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