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Best Bleed Weapon in Elden Ring – 5 Interesting Options

Looking for the best bleed weapon in Elden Ring? We have some amazing recommendations that you can try out!

If you’re looking for a faster weapon to use that isn’t affected by bleed nerfs, then continue reading.

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring

However, before we discuss these bleed weapons, we need to figure out the proper use for maximum bleed weapon scaling. 

For this article, you will learn the proper bleed build, plus which weapons are going to provide the best status effects, physical damage, and many more.

Are you ready to try out one of the best builds in Elden Ring?

Best Bleed Weapon Build In Elden Ring

When it comes to maximizing the best bleed weapon in Elden Ring, you will have to focus on 3 important attributes – Vigor, Arcane, and Dexterity.

These attributes are important for bleed build-up along with great physical damage.

While different weapon types might also play a role in bleed damage, we believe that your stats also play a very vital role in the overall damage output.

With that being said, here is Gamegrind’s recommended bleed weapons build and why it’s important.

VIGOR60Health Points (HP), Immunity and Fire-Resistance
MIND15Focus Points (FP)
ENDURANCE30Stamina and Equipment Load
STRENGTH17Weild Heavy Weapons, and Physical Attacks
DEXTERITY45Weild Advanced Weapons, and Attack Power
INTELLIGENCE9Magic Resistance, and Glintstone Sorcery
FAITH8Sacred Incantations
ARCANE45AP Scaling, Holy Defense, and Death Resistance

5 Best Bleed Weapons in Elden Ring

Let’s now talk about the weapons you can use to maximize the build we have discussed above.

Remember that we don’t personally rank these weapons, but we encourage every gamer to give them a try.

1. Rivers of Blood

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring - Rivers of Blood
Photo Credit: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

The Rivers of Blood Katana is arguably the most famous katana in Elden Ring because of its title as one of the best bleed weapons in the game.

It has devastating physical damage that becomes even more powerful when used with Corpse Piler.

How to get itChurch of Repose, Mountaintops of the Giants – can be acquired by defeating the Bloody Finger Okina
Weapon TypeKatana
Special Weapon SkillCorpse Piler
Prerequisites12 STR, 18 DEX, 20 ARC
ScalingE STR, D DEX, D ARC

2. Uchigatana

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring -  Uchigatana
Photo Credit: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

The Uchigatana Katana is yet another fan-favorite among gamers. It has a good range, a very decent attack speed, and tremendous bleed status effects when used properly.

It’s also a very easy weapon to obtain. Expect more damage output when Unsheathe is used.

How to get itDefault Equipment for Samurai Class or Deathtouched Catacombs, Stormhill Limgrave – can be acquired from the dead body inside the catacombs
Weapon TypeKatana
Special Weapon SkillUnsheathe
Prerequisites11 STR, 15 DEX
ScalingD STR, D DEX

3. Nagakiba

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring - Nagakiba
Photo Credit: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

The Nagakiba Katana is one of the best weapons you can use if you follow the build above.

It excels very well with STR and DEX, and the Unsheathe skill is a must-have especially if you’re looking for more blood loss effects to stack up.

How to get itMurkwater Cave – can be acquired by defeating the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura
Weapon TypeKatana
Special Weapon SkillUnsheathe
Prerequisites18 STR, 22 DEX
ScalingD STR, C DEX

4. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring - Morgott’s Cursed Sword
Photo Credit: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

While Morgott’s Cursed Sword is not very popular among other bleed builds, the Cursed-Blood Slice can provide devastating damage with a blood loss effect if you have high ARC and DEX.

This is a must-try for characters with characters that have 45 or more ARC.

How to get itFinger Reader Enia, Roundtable Hold – can be traded for the Remembrance of the Omen King (defeat Omen King)
Weapon TypeCurved Greatsword
Special Weapon SkillCursed-Blood Slice
Prerequisites14 STR, 35 DEX, 17 ARC
ScalingE STR, C DEX, D ARC

5. Reduvia

best bleed weapon in Elden Ring - Reduvia
Photo Credit: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/

Despite being short-ranged, the Reduvia is a very enjoyable weapon to use. With STR, DEX, and ARC as their main stats, this weapon can deal with tremendous Blood Loss effects.

Combined with the Reduvia Blood Blade skill, you can expect decent physical damage to go along with it.

How to get itAgheel Lake, Murkwater Catacombs – can be acquired by defeating the Bloody Finger Nejirus
Weapon TypeDagger
Special Weapon SkillReduvia Blood Blade
Prerequisites5 STR, 13 DEX, 13 ARC
ScalingE STR, D DEX, D ARC

Frequently Asked Questions – The Best Bleed Weapon in Elden Ring

Not completely sold with the blood blade or other bleed weapon scaling provided above? Perhaps these FAQs can help understand what you’re aiming for:

Is Bleed the strongest in Elden Ring?

If we’re strictly talking about damage-per-second because of the bleed weapons in Elden Ring, then yes, it can be a very strong weapon.

However, it really boils down to your style of play. As most gamers say, there’s no such thing as a bad build in Elden Ring. 

Is Uchigatana the Best Bleed Weapon?

We can safely say that the Uchigatana sits among the top bleed weapons in the Elden Ring simply because of its powerful physical damage.

If you combine it with the Bleed Affinity, it’s easily one of the fastest weapons for Blood Loss. 

What is the easiest Bleed Weapon in Elden Ring?

While certainly not the strongest, we’ll give the title to the Reduvia simply because of how fun it is to use, and how well it scales with STR, DEX, and ARC builds.

Expect amazing Blood Loss stats with this weapon.

What is the Best Katana for a bleed?

We would have to pick between the Uchigatana, Nagakiba, and the Rivers of Blood. All of these fantastic weapons have devastating bleed build-up.

Most importantly, their swing speed is faster than the other weapons.  

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While finding the best bleed weapon in Elden Ring can be quite subjective for a lot of gamers, the ones we have provided above should give you a taste of what bleed weapons can do in general.

When used right, expect building up bleed multipliers consistently.

Remember that agile weapons are usually the best damage-scaling weapons because of how fast it is to deal with enemies.

Dual blades can also give true combos but if you want amazing range and huge damage, then the Nagakiba is the best.

How about you? Which of these powerful weapons are you going to try? Do you feel like we missed an important bleed weapon?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s start a conversation.

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