The Best Assault Rifle in Warzone – Top 5 Recommendations

When it comes to conversations regarding the best assault rifle in Warzone, it’s safe to say that this topic has sparked more debate outside the game than inside.

There are plenty of weapons that get huge popularity among players that become meta weapons. In today’s article, we’re going to open the discussion for five potential ARs that fit the “best” category.

best assault rifle in warzone

But before we talk about the top weapons, let’s learn about the important qualities of a powerful rifle.

A good assault rifle should have a high damage output, be versatile in terms of long and short-range fights, and have a manageable recoil.

Taking these factors into account, we can begin exploring the five weapons that stand out in Warzone.

Understanding Meta AR Rifles in Warzone 2

The reason assault rifles are the most-used weapon in CoD Warzone is because of their overall versatility, regardless of the weapon.

To make things simple, here are the known qualities that meta weapons have in common.

Damage ProfileFast Time-to-Kill (TTK)
Effective Damage RangeMedium and Long-Range
Damage OutputMay vary depending on Loadout
Recoil ControlMostly controllable with the help of Loadout
Noise/Sound SuppressionHas some trade-offs but results may vary depending on the Loadout
Close-Range Fight EffectivenessNot the most effective weapon in crucial times
ADS TimeMost AR weapons have been Nerfed
Bullet VelocityResults may vary depending on the type of Loadout
Hip Fire AccuracyGenerally not the best unless tinkered in Loadout
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Pro-tip: For close-range meta and close-range TTK, we would recommend checking out the submachine guns as they are perfect for that.

Best Assault Rifle in Warzone: Top Picks for 2023

Some of these powerful rifles have incredible bullet velocity, but mediocre damage, while others have average bullet velocity and average ADS speed, but has better TTK.

Finding the right one that suits your gameplay is what we’re here to help with.

For starters, we have rounded up 5 of the Meta AR rifles in the game that are capable of wiping out entire squads with ease.

We highly recommend testing them out in different situations to get a real feel for gunplay and find the best assault rifle in Warzone that fits your playstyle.

STB 556

stb-556 best assault rifle in warzone
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The most versatile battle rifle when playing Solos and/or Duos.

However, if you’re not very good at controlling a recoil gun, then consider using this weapon in close and medium-range situations. 


  • Amazing firepower
  • Has great damaging power
  • One of the best ARs for hip-fire accuracy


  • Levels of recoil can be challenging for some players
  • Recoil stabilization attachments may take up other perks
  • Can be challenging to use when confronted by multiple squads


m4 best assault rifle in warzone
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If you’ve been a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, then the M4 is arguably the most famous battle rifle on our list. It has an amazing selection of attachments, and it is highly customizable.

However, it’s not the most powerful weapon in Season 5.


  • Perfect for the average player
  • Superb recoil control
  • One of the fastest weapons for TTK


  • Not the strongest in damage output
  • Not the best in recoil control
  • Correct attachments play a crucial role in the weapon’s overall effectiveness


taq-56 best assault rifle in warzone
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Out of all the potential battle rifles on our list, the TAQ-56 is the only weapon worthy of being compared to an LMG in terms of dealing with 4-6 squads simultaneously.

While the popularity among players may not be as big as other Meta ARs, it’s still worth checking out.


  • Amazing accuracy
  • Incredible damage range
  • One of the highest damage outputs in ARs


  • The rate of fire is on the low-end
  • Not optimized for ADS speed
  • Not the fastest TTK rifle

ISO Hemlock

iso-hemlock best assault rifle in warzone
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The ISO Hemlock is one of the best assault rifles in chaotic situations. Perfect damage range and damage output with reasonable recoil control.

Despite getting nerfed a bunch of times, this is still one of the most commonly used battle rifles in-game.


  • Very decent damage range and damage output
  • Above-average accuracy
  • Comparable to TAQ-56 in terms of stats


  • Recent Nerf has reduced its overall effectiveness
  • Bullet velocity isn’t the best when dealing with long-range targets
  • Moderate recoil control

Kastov 762

kastov-762 best assault rifle in warzone
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A huge chunk of the player base still believes that this is the best assault rifle in Warzone.

It’s a reliable weapon that is perfect for mid-range encounters, and it is more forgiving in Warzone 2’s crazy terrains.


  • Heavy-hitting rifle with incredible damage output
  • Higher-than-average damage-per-shot
  • Can double-tap players even from a distance


  • Not accurate enough at medium-long range encounters
  • Slow fire rate
  • Not suitable for the average player base

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always need a versatile assault rifle?

In Warzone, sometimes, being versatile doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every situation.

In most cases, it’s better to have an AR as your primary weapon and SMG as your secondary weapon. 

However, if you’re fairly confident with sniping, perhaps a long-range weapon would go well with your AR.

What makes assault rifles such powerful weapons in-game? 

While it’s true that most of the hard-hitting rifles have received a nerf or two, there are still plenty of gamers using ARs for medium ranges and even long-range gunplay.

Why are Assault Rifles always getting Nerfed?

This is due to the fact that most of the player base is using ARs as their primary weapon.

It’s lighter than an LMG, and it can bang with SMGs in close combat. They are being nerfed to ensure that the game stays balanced.

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In Closing

There’s no doubt that debates will continue to happen as long as we talk about the best assault rifle in Warzone.

The bright side is that you, yourself, can test and verify whether these builds are truly for you.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to user preference. Some prefer the fast rate of fire, while others prefer the slow and steady damage machine.

How about you? Which AR do you prefer? How often do you experiment with your loadout?

Please share your thoughts below!

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