Banana Eats Codes (October 2023) – Roblox Free Skins and Beacons

Banana Eats is a Roblox game where you run from killer bananas, avoid being eaten, escape from it, and survive.

With the use of these Banana Eats Codes, you can get free rewards such as coins, skins, and other items that make the game more enjoyable and worth playing.

Banana Eats Codes

In this game, there will also be a chance that you’ll be given the role of the Banana Killer, where you need to eat all players before time runs out and they escape.

There are also puzzles around the map that you can solve to reduce the time of the round. Meanwhile, time is increased every time the Banana eats a player.

Running is not the only option when trying to survive this game. You can also hide in the locker rooms and set up traps so you can delay the Banana Killer from catching you until time runs out.

Don’t worry if you get caught once, as you have three lives before you’re officially out of the game.

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Banana Eats Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable:

  • MELTING—Redeem for Orange Cream Popsicle (New)
  • CINCO—Redeem for 200 Coins
  • LOLHOO—Redeem for Laughing Banana Skin

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer working:

  • HEARTS—Redeem for Peel of Hearts
  • FRIDAY—Redeem for 200 Coins
  • HALFBILLION—Redeem for a Banana’s Aurora Skin
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS—Redeem for Social Candy Cane
  • GLITTERPUMPKIN—Redeem for the Sparkle Orange Pumpkin
  • SPAREDOUBLOONS—Redeem for 300 Coins
  • BOO—Redeem for a Beacon
  • FREECOINS—Redeem for 200 Coins
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY—Redeem for Rotten Banana Skin
  • SUMMER—Redeem for 250 Coins
  • 400MILLION—Redeem for a Sinister Gold Skin 
  • NEWMAP—Redeem for a free beacon
  • PINK—Redeem for a free beacon
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS—Redeem for Banana Skin
  • THANKFUL—Redeem for 250 Coins
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY—Redeem for Birthday Banana Skin
  • 300MILLION—Redeem to go into a game for a Banana skin
  • QUARTERBILLION—Redeem for Beacon Skin 
  • 200MILLION—Redeem for Banana Skin!
  • LUCKYPEEL—Redeem code for Lucky Peel Skin!
  • LUCKYBEACON—Redeem code for Beacon Skin!
  • CHOCOLATE—Redeem code for White Chocolate Skin!
  • BANANALOVES—Redeem code for Chocolates Skin!
  • FREEBEANS—Redeem code for a free Banana Skin!
  • FREELOOT—Redeem code for 200 coins!
  • BANANASPLIT150—Redeem for a free Peel Beacon!
  • NEWMAP—Redeem code for 100 coins!
  • BIGUPDATES2021—Redeem for a free Snow Peel Skin!
  • SNOWDAYS—Redeem for a free Snowman Banana skin!
  • BUGOFF—Redeem code for free coins!
  • 100MILLION—Redeem code for a free Beacon!
  • SPARECHANGE—Redeem code for 50 coins!
  • BOONANAEATS—Redeem code for a Peel-O-Lantern trap!
  • 15KFOLLOWERS—Redeem code for a Blue Moldy Banana!
  • MORECOINS—Redeem code for free coins!
  • FANCYPANCAKE—Redeem code for a Waffle Beacon!
  • FREECOINS—Redeem code for 100 Coins!
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR—Redeem code for a Code Purple Beacon!
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE—Redeem code for a Sparkle Teal Beacon!
  • THEGOLDENPEELS—Redeem code for a free Golden skin!
  • DIPPINGINTOINSANITY—Redeem code for a free Dipped Banana Beacon!
  • BANANAISHERE—Redeem code for a free Party Peely Skin!
  • NEWMAPSOON—Redeem code for a free Canned Peanuts Beacon Skin!

How to Activate Banana Eats Codes

Banana Eats Codes

To redeem Banana Eats Codes, just launch the game and click the ‘Codes’ button in the lower middle part of the screen.

Enter the code that you’ve chosen in the text box and press ‘REDEEM’ afterward to get your free rewards.

See the tutorial in action


The best thing about Banana Eats is the wide array of maps that you can choose from, making the game not repetitive despite the straightforward gameplay.

There are also a lot of cosmetics that make the game visually appealing and engaging despite its short match duration.

For more codes, see our Roblox Game Codes Compilation.

Using these Banana Eats Codes, you can outrun the Banana killer in style by rocking the latest skins and setting up the latest traps that can delay their pursuit.

You can also get Beacon skins if you want your Banana to be fashionable while eating other players.

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