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Anime Punching Simulator Codes (November 2022) – Free Energy and Practice Boosts

Get all kinds of boosts using our Anime Punching Simulator codes!

Judging by its name, you can already tell that this would be an epic fistfight between anime characters. But it’s actually more than that. Anime Punching Simulator will allow you to experience all new possibilities with your favorite anime heroes.

But in order to enjoy the game to its full extent, you’ll need to have gems. And of course, if there’s one thing that Anime taught us, it’s about hard work, determination, and not giving up. You’ll also need lots of grinding and training in this game.

Anime Punching Simulator Codes

That’s why our Anime Punching Simulator codes will definitely come in handy. Using these codes, you’ll get yourself free practice boosts, energy boosts, and gem boosts. So, what are you waiting for? Redeem them while they’re still available.

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Anime Punching Simulator Codes List

Active Codes:

These codes are currently redeemable and working

  • SORRYFORLATE – two gem boosts
  • THX70M – two practice boosts
  • 65MVISITS – free boost
  • 140KLIKES – free boost
  • 200KFAVS – free boost
  • 190KFAVS – free boost
  • 130KLIKES – free boost
  • 60MVISITS – free boost
  • 125KLIKES – two gem boosts
  • 180KFAVS – two energy boosts
  • 55MVISITS – two energy boosts
  • DERPMONSTERZ – two practice boosts
  • 160KFAVS – two practice boosts
  • 50MVISITS – two practice boosts
  • 110KLIKES – two practice boosts
  • DARKBLOX – two energy boosts
  • SONTY – two energy boosts
  • TGOH – two energy boosts
  • 40MVISITS – two energy boosts
  • 150KFAVS – two energy boosts
  • 105KLIKES – two energy boosts
  • EMPERADORMAXI – free reward
  • JUSTZACK – two energy boosts
  • 100KLIKES – free reward
  • TAVIOZERA – practice boost
  • MEQUIS – gem boosts
  • SAO – practice boosts
  • 130KFAVS – practice boost
  • 100KLIKES – practice boost
  • 90KLIKES – practice boost
  • 80KLIKES – practice boost
  • BRONZERBR – practice boost
  • CLOVER – energy boost
  • 75KLIKES – energy boost
  • 110KFAVS – energy boost
  • JAKEPUDDING – energy boost
  • NECROBR – energy boost
  • JOHNSVEN – energy boost
  • 30MVISITS – energy boost
  • 100KFAVS – energy boost
  • 70KLIKES – energy boost
  • KINGISAQT – energy boost
  • PLIQUE – practice boost
  • OPM – practice boost
  • VALENTINE – energy boost
  • 65KLIKES – energy boost
  • 25MVISITS – energy boost
  • BENTOYT – energy boost
  • 60KLIKES – energy boost
  • 22MVISITS – energy boost
  • FAIRY – energy boost
  • OPENSAMU – energy boost
  • 55KLIKES – energy boost
  • 50KLIKES – energy boost
  • 20MVISITS – energy boost
  • 80KFAVS – energy boost
  • GonGonLindao – 1250 energy
  • tigretvgems – two gem boosts
  • TigreTv – two energy boosts
  • 16MVISITS – two energy boosts
  • 45KLIKES – two energy boosts
  • 70KFAVS – two practice boosts
  • HUNTER – two practice boosts
  • 14MVISITS – energy boost
  • DREAMZINHO – practice boost
  • 40KLIKES – practice boost
  • HERO – practice boost
  • 35KLIKES – practice boost
  • 50KFAVS – energy boost
  • 10MVISITS – practice boost
  • 30KLIKES – practice boost
  • 8MVISITS – practice boost
  • BOLINHOBLOX – energy boost
  • 25KLIKES – practice boost
  • VAGNERGAMES – practice boost
  • 15KLIKES – energy boost
  • 4MVISITS – energy boost
  • 2MVISITS – energy boost
  • 10KLIKES – two energy boosts
  • 5KLIKES – practice boost
  • 1MVISITS – energy boost
  • MASTER – 1250 energy
  • 500KVISITS – two energy boosts
  • 250KVISITS – two energy boosts
  • 80KVISITS – two practice boosts
  • 1KLIKES – two energy boosts
  • RELEASE – 250 energy

Expired Codes:

There are currently no expired codes for Anime Punching Simulator right now.

How to redeem Anime Punching Simulator codes?

Redeem Anime Punching Simulator Codes

Getting your free boosts and redeeming Anime Punching Simulator codes is very easy. Simply do the following steps:

  • Open Roblox and Launch Anime Punching Simulator
  • Go to the left-hand side of your screen and press the chat icon
  • Enter any of the active codes from above
  • Hit Redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards

What are Anime Punching Simulator codes?

Anime Punching Simulator codes are redeemable codes for the Roblox game Anime Punching Simulator.

These codes can give you beneficial in-game items or boosts for free. Only the developer of the game can make or remove these codes.

What is Anime Punching Simulator all about?

Anime Punching Simulator takes your favorite anime characters from different worlds and series and brings them together in Roblox to compete in an epic all-out brawl fistfight.

If you are an anime fan and love action games, this would be an awesome Roblox game for you.

How to play Anime Punching Simulator?

You can experience the anime action by heading to the Roblox website and searching for Anime Punching simulator in the game directory. Or make things quicker and easier by heading to Anime Punching Simulator’s direct page.


That wraps everything up, and now you’re ready to start redeeming these Anime Punching Simulator codes. You have to hurry though. Because these codes won’t last forever. They are usually removed and changed by the game’s creator.

So make sure you bookmark this page and visit often because we regularly update this page, so you’ll be the first to use new codes once they come out.

Meanwhile, you can check out other awesome game codes like Flee the Facility Codes, Pet Simulator X Codes, Deadly Sins Retribution Codes, and more in our ROBLOX GAME CODES section. Don’t forget to comment below on which games you’d like us to find secret codes for next time.


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