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How to Add a Printer To Chromebook

A printer is something that prints out anything from your computer that is compatible with it. It can print out texts, images, and other types of graphics.

The good thing is that back then, you could only print on paper, but nowadays, there are special kinds of paper that you can use and even those that have the same quality of a photograph.

That being said, when you have a Chromebook, you might want to connect it to a printer that will allow you to do the same functions.

Here are the steps to add a printer to Chromebook in an easy fashion.

Using Google Chrome to add a printer to your Chromebook

Step 1

Naturally, your Chromebook and printer are both turned on. You need to connect the printer to your Chromebook using the wire.

This method is used for standard connections like how a printer is connected to a computer.

Step 2

Open up your Google Chrome.

Step 3

Click on the three vertical buttons on the upper right side; for some, it is a gear sign. Click on Settings and you’re off to the next step.

how to add a printer to Chromebook

Step 4

Scroll down and click on Advanced.

how to add a printer to Chromebook

Step 5

Scroll down after clicking And select Printers.

how to add a printer to Chromebook

Step 6

Finally, Select the Add Printer option.


Step 7

You will then see the printer’s details, so click on that. If you can’t see the printer’s details, then this means that the connection didn’t happen.

So, connect your printer again to your Chromebook until you see the printer in the options.

Another method of connecting your printer

Step 1

You could say that this is an easier and faster method. On the lower left part of your screen or find the search option, type the word “printer”.


Step 2

Click on the “Add a printer or scanner” option. Click on the printer that you wanted to connect, and you’re good to go.

ChromebookPrinter04 1

Using an App to connect your printer to your Chromebook

This approach is a bit complicated, but it can work if the other two don’t.

Step 1

Open up the Webstore app on your Chromebook.

Step 2

When you’re in the store, search for the app HP Printer for Chrome. The image below shows the logo of the app that you are looking for. That’s the app that you want to get, so install it on your Chromebook.


Step 3

Launch the app, and you will be given an option to connect the printer of your choice. In the image below, you can choose to name the printer that you want to connect. You can choose whatever name you want, but the printer’s IP address is essential. To find out the IP address, you can click on the properties of the printer when it is connected to another computer.


Step 4

Now that the process is complete, open up the file that you want to print. You can open the file directly or open the Google Docs app. You can always open the file there if you want to.

Step 5

Now that the file is open, you can click on the print option, and you will see on the image below if there is a printer connected already.

If the printer you added to HP Print earlier will appear, then you can just print away. If it isn’t, click on the Change button, which is covered by the arrow on the image below.

You will then find the HP Print printer you had earlier, and it will then appear on the print option.


In closing

You can add a printer to Chromebook in two easy steps. If the printer doesn’t appear or register, you can simply troubleshoot the problems or try another printer because that might be the problem.

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